The Advantages of a Jacuzzi Tub on Your Health

The healing properties of hot water have been known for centuries, as people in civilizations around the globe have used them for relaxation and medicinal purposes. Today, there are advanced Jacuzzi tubs and whirlpools that give modern people the great health benefits of hot water and soothing jets in their home. Here are just some of the great health benefits of Jacuzzi tubs and whirlpools:

  • Relieves stress: Mental stress can manifest itself as physical pain. By relieving this stress in a Jacuzzi tub or whirlpool, people can reduce their stiff necks, back aches and muscle tension. Plus, the time alone in a Jacuzzi tub can give a person time to reflect on the day and their stresses. It is a rejuvenation for the mind and body.
  • Improves Sleep: Regular users for Jacuzzi tubs and whirlpools report having longer lasting and better quality sleep when they take a bath before bedtime. The hot water and jets relax the muscles and unwind the mind, getting the person’s entire body and soul ready for sleep.
  • Soothes Muscles and Joints: Whirlpools and Jacuzzi tubs are also beneficial to people suffering from sore muscles and joints. They are used by everyone from athletes to seniors with arthritis. The hot water and surging jets improve blood flow to the sore or injured area which carries away lactic acid and relieves the knots and cramps of over-exerted muscles and joints.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: A Jacuzzi tub or whirlpool can lower blood pressure on two fronts. First, by making the person take time to relax, and thus reduce their stress and blood pressure. Secondly, the hot water increases blood flow and helps carry away toxins and other culprits to high blood pressure.
  • Increase Metabolism: Some recent studies suggest that regular baths in Jacuzzi tubs or whirlpools can increase metabolism, which can aid in weight loss.

2 thoughts on “The Advantages of a Jacuzzi Tub on Your Health”

  1. LOL ! Studies ? which ones ? A Jacuzzi will not raise your metabolism. Proper nutrition, eating enough calories and exercise will…….

    It’s not the 30 more calories you will burn
    in the jacuzzi that will make a big difference on your weight.

  2. Yes, indeed it increases an individual’s metabolism rate. I — for one — lost weight by sitting in my gym’s jacuzzi for long periods at a time. I made sure that I had ice cold water handy. I usually hate drinking water however I noticed when I used our hot jacuzzi I became very thirsty. As a result, I’d drink (1) gallon of water just by sitting in the jacuzzi! I lost 25 pounds. Its definitely true.

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