Decorating Boys’ Bedrooms

Let’s discuss decorating a bedroom especially for your boy. Boys as a rule are active and original (at least in the schemes they concoct).   As the saying goes “boys will be boys”, rough and tumble play is their way of maturing and to a certain extent it’s healthy for a boy to develop this way.  So our goal is to give them a room that will let them express their energy in a healthy, positive way.

Bedroom Boys

Color Scheme:  In general boys main color schemes are blue, red, yellow, green and orange, bright colors to inspire and stimulate their active, creative minds. When I’m decorating a boy’s bedroom I try to incorporate these colors in varying doses, depending on the client. I always meet with my “little” clients to get to know their personalities so I could accurately measure and incorporate the right does of color and other décor facets involved in creating their perfect bedroom.

Boys Theme Bedroom

Side note– Many of you would say that boys probably don’t care too much about the furnishings of their bedroom but that’s not true at all! So many of the little boys I’ve decorated rooms for were so excited about it and loved being involved.

Boy Bedroom Decor

Furniture: It’s certainly a good idea to get sturdier furniture in a boy’s room. Their furniture may be treated more as a playground so keep away from stressful situations and make sure to get pieces that can withstand abuse. If you want a more versatile room buy furniture that is transitional. For example- dark wood furniture can look awesome with red walls and blue accents, totally boyish. A few years down the line, by simply repainting and getting new accessories, you can change the room into an elegant guest room or an older boy’s room with little expense.


Storage: Girls need a lot of closet space, it’s true they have way more clothes then boys. But, if you want your son’s room to look remotely tidy he will need a ton of storage space, even more than a girl. Maybe not for clothes but think about the hundreds of action figures, stamp collections, baseball cards and who knows what else boys collect, they manage to have a lot of just STUFF. Closed storage is preferable because you can’t count on them to be organized. Just getting them to put the stuff in the right bins will be pushing your luck.  So make sure there is a lot of room for knickknacks and easy access to it.

Boys Bedroom Furniture

Accessories: The best way to let your son individualize himself, without too much permanent “décor damage”, is through the accessories in the room. A lamp, rug, figurines and wall art are all great ways of going about this. If your son wants a Spiderman room but you don’t want superheroes painted on the walls compromise with Spiderman linen and accessories. They will give the room the “theme” affect he wants and are still easily removable and replaceable.

Boy Bedroom Decorating

Boys are fun! Let them get involved in their room remodel and you’ll be surprised what great ideas they will come up with.

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  1. Thanks for the post – My little boy is too young at this point – but one day we may want to do a theme in his bedroom.

  2. Hi! I love these rooms! In the navy and red boys room, is there a way to find out where the blue bunk beds are from? Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for your interest! It’s hard to say because this was posted almost four years ago, but it looks like it may be a Pottery Barn set. Good luck!

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