Put Your Bathroom on a Pedestal

Bathroom Vanity or Pedestal

Did you ever think of installing a pedestal sink into your bathroom instead of a vanity? For some unknown reason bathroom vanities seem to be a lot more popular. Of course they do have a lot of advantages over a pedestal. For one thing they hold a lot of storage and making keeping your bathroom neat and organized much easier. They are also elegant and can add interest to an otherwise boring bathroom. But what many people do not realize is the amount of space in a vanity takes up.

For a full bathroom (tub, shower, etc.) I would only suggest a vanity. Its very necessary to have a closed storage space to store all toiletries. But for a powder room/ bathroom (just a toilet and sink) why take up all the space? A pedestal sink can be beautifully attractive. They are available in so many varying styles from totally classic to modern or rustic. Pedestals take up practically no room yet at the same time add a lot of style.

To give you an idea of what I am talking about I have collected pictures of some of the most interesting, gorgeous and popular pedestal sinks. Have fun looking and next time you redo do your bathroom think- do I need a vanity or will a pedestal sink be perfect???

Pedestal Sinks Redefined
Ronbow Portia
Ronbow Portia
Oceana Column
Oceana Column
Hastings Roma 85cm Wall Mount Basin
Hastings Roma
D'Vontz The Virtus Pedestal and Mirror
The Virtus
Duravit Starck 3 Double Pedestal Washbasin Set
Starck 3
Neo-Metro Metropolis Pedestal with D-Basin
Neo-Metro Metropolis
MTI Eryx Engineered Solid Surface Lavatory Sink
MTI Eryx
Herbeau Monarque Washstand
Hastings Chelsea Silk Freestanding Pedestal Basin
Chelsea Silk
Elite Bath Fairy Tale Oak Pedestal
Fairy Tale Oak
Decolav 12mm Glass Pedestal
Decolav Glass
Ronbow Poka

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  1. I have a pedestal sink in my small bathroom and yes it does look neat and streamline without a huge vanity taking up precious space.

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