Copycat! How to Duplicate this Beautiful Bathroom

Image Courtesy of a QB Customer

What do you think of this bathroom? I absolutely love it! It’s open, airy, fresh and clean looking.  The bathtub looks sumptuous, the vanity is a perfect mix of style and function and the accessories are just right.

Why stress over creating a beautiful bathroom when you can just copy this one?

I will attempt to help you find the exact products you see; if not exact than close.

Fairmont Design Shaker Vanity

This one was easy as it was purchased right here at Quality Bath. The charming shaker design bathroom vanity is transitional and would work well in almost any bathroom. It compliments and actually completes this bathroom perfectly.

Cheviot Regal Iron Clawfoot Bath

I can’t see too much of the tub in the picture, aside from the roll top and a peak of the chrome feet, but this Cheviot tub looks like a pretty good match (chrome feet are available). I love the elegance and luxury this tub adds to the bathroom. Its the perfect way to unwind after a long, tiring day and nothing adds character to a bathroom like a freestanding tub.

Afina Radiance Rectangular Tilt Mirror

This mirror is not a perfect match but it’s very close and will definitely give you the same effect. Tilt mirrors are not only original and beautiful in bathrooms; they are really convenient for shaving and makeup application as well.

Newport Brass Chesterfield Lavatory Faucet

One of my favorite things about this bathroom is the way they mixed traditional and contemporary styles so seamlessly. The faucet they used is an elegant, traditional style and it looks stunning. What do you think of the Newport Brass Faucet I matched-up?

Barclay Wall-Mounted Tub Faucet

This wall mounted tub faucet is simply gorgeous! You see very little of it in the bathroom picture but you can see it more clearly here. The old-fashioned style, complete with labeled handles, is another example of how fabulously they combined styles.

White Finger Starfish
White Finger Starfish

Did you notice the starfish on the molding ledge? They are so natural and pretty and add a special uniqueness to this bathroom. You can find the starfish here. You can probably find them in a lot of party favor or dollar stores too.

Candice Olson Cluny Sconce
Candice Olson Cluny Sconce

This sconce is totally not a perfect match but it will achieve the same effect. I think I even like this one better. The square shade is very charming and the crystal accents are beautiful.

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are a neat and decorative way to store your more aesthetically pleasing toiletries. Look how great they look in this bathroom with bars of soap and Q-tips. you can find these all over the place. I found 3 for $39.50 here.

Kimball & Young Recessed Base Mirror
Kimball & Young Recessed Base Mirror

A magnifying mirror is a very personal decision- do you really want to see those wrinkles so close up? But we are attempting to copy this bathroom so we will make it as close as possible. This chrome finished mirror magnifies 5x and is a nice sleek accessory for the bathroom.

So what do you think? If you put these items all together I think you would come up with a gorgeous bathroom!

Thank you to our wonderful customer Lauren G. for sending us this picture of her lovely bathroom!

Submit pictures of your bathroom HERE so we can help admirers make the copycat cut!


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  1. I really like that clawfoot bath, it’s extremely stylish. I just wish I had enough room in my bathroom to have it installed. The faucets are also stunning.

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