8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

It all started with a pedal waste bin in an entrepreneurial Danish woman’s salon. Her husband, Holger Nielsen, had crafted it out of necessity but it ended up being his finest work to date. Eager to please his beloved wife, he lavished an uncommon amount of inspiration into the functional little waste bin and started a revolution. Even nestled in the corner of the salon, the stylish waste bin with an ingenious pedal lid got noticed by Nielsen’s wife’s clientele who recommended them to their husbands. And thus, the Vipp waste bin was born.

Not much has changed about the original Vipp design since 1939. As Nielsen explains it, “Good design never goes out of fashion.” However, the spirit and sophistication of Vipp products have expanded into an inclusive line of kitchen and bath accessories for the home, office or in public. Vipp has added products slowly over the past 70 years. That’s because Vipp takes time to design, hone and perfect each product so that it is true to the integrity of Holger Nielsen’s original vision. See for yourself by perusing some of these best selling modern classics from Vipp.

Vipp 15 Pedal Binn
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Vipp 15 Bin

Reminiscent of the very first Vipp bin ever created, the Vipp 15 pedal bin is a stylish 4 gallon (15 liter) waste bin that works perfectly in the kitchen or bathroom. Tall, slender and stately, the Vipp 15 comes in a number of versatile looks, including white, stainless steel and black.

Vipp 1 Towel Hook
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Vipp 1 Hook

This stainless steel towel hook has a low profile, but it’s modern sophistication won’t be overlooked. From a passing glance to close inspection, the Vipp 1 stainless steel hook makes a bold statement with its laser etched logo and ergonomic design.

imageq13 whitehtm 8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

Vipp 13 Bin

A variation of a tried and true theme, the Vipp 13 bin is one of the smaller waste bins with the same look and functionality of its older siblings. This one holds 1 gallon (4 liters) and comes in stainless steel, white or black.

Vipp 6 Shower Shelf
imageq626htm 8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

Vipp 6 Shower Shelf

The broad rubber surface grips towels, bathroom accessories and other items firmly. Measuring up at 11.7 x 4.1 inches, the Vipp 6 stainless steel shelf is convenient to use, impressive to behold and easy to clean, thanks to its detachable rubber inset. The high quality finish resists corrosion and rust, making it perfect as a shower shelf.

Vipp 441 Laundry Basket
imageq441 whitehtm 8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

Vipp 441 Laundry Basket

The Vipp 441 laundry basket is both decorative and handy in the bedroom or laundry room. With a capacity of up to 20 gallons (75 liters), a perforated lid and bottom for better circulation and wheels for convenient portability. Inside, a removable, washable two compartment bag makes it easy to sort your laundry as you go.

Vipp 11 Toilet Brush

imageqtoilet brush holder blackhtm 8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

Vipp 11 Toilet Brush

A clear throwback to the original Vipp bin, the Vipp 11 toilet brush is attractive enough to leave in plain sight and air tight to lock in odors. The brush is replaceable, as is the plastic inner tube. The sturdy base adds heft and stability to the entire unit. Comes in white, stainless steel and black.

Vipp 8 Stainless Steel Towel Bar

imageqtb91htm 8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

Vipp 8 Stainless Steel Towel Bar

Another understated triumph, the Vipp 8 stainless steel towel bar is 61 centimeters wide, providing ample accommodation for towels and bath sheets. But at a slight 6 centimeter profile, this Vipp towel bar has a small footprint in the bathroom.

imageq14 blhtm 8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

Vipp 14 Bin

A middle of the road Vipp bin, the Vipp 14 holds 2 gallons (8 liters) and comes in black, stainless steel and white. Try it in the office, garage or anywhere else in the house.

When you order your Vipp bin from Quality Bath, you can also stock up on liners. Vipp liners are specially fitted to work seamlessly with all of the Vipp pedal bins. The soft finish gives it a light presence, but the reinforced bottom gives it strength and allows for greater volume. Each Vipp bin has a corresponding liner. You can buy Vipp 13, Vipp 14 and Vipp 15 liners in cases of 16. Each roll has 50 liners.

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