Rush Limbaugh’s Penthouse Bathroom – Design Review

Rush Limbaugh 150x150 Rush Limbaugh’s Penthouse Bathroom – Design ReviewRecently Rush Limbaugh’s sold his fifth avenue penthouse for a cool $13 million. This was a year after Rush Limbaugh, in the midst of a tirade on his radio show against New York Governor David Paterson’s tax increases, denounced the state and announced that he was vacating it immediately.

But enough about politics.

Naturally with the sale of a house for $13 million by someone who makes about $38 million a year many of us are interested in the design of the house. With so much cash flowing around one would assume that the design would be something to gawk at.

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Rush Limbaugh's Dining Room

The dinning room is definitely a piece of work. With all the windows on one side of the room the, light peach coloring adds brightness to the room. The statue adds an almost Roman touch. While the light colored walls, drapes and wall fixtures have a more Victorian look. I’m not sure how the painted ceiling fits into the design of the room. Maybe Rush was in the mood to replicate the Cistine chapel, but it definitely does not fit in with the Victorian style of the room. There is a lot of attention to detail here, the antique English clock, the murals on the wall and ceiling.  But it seems like there is missing a unified theme.

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Rush Limbaugh master bedroom

The master bedroom on the other hand is a typical English bedroom with dark wood and dark tones.

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Rush Limbaugh's Bathroom

4834749034 15603a98c1 Rush Limbaugh’s Penthouse Bathroom – Design ReviewThis bathroom seems like it was left out of the design stage. I’m surprised that the ceiling is not painted. The vanity and mirror look like they were purchased at home depot. The shower could use some more room. Judging from the size of the shower I would venture to say that there is no bench in there to sit down and relax. I also doubt that there is a steam generator into the shower. Maybe that’s why Rush is always complaining about things, he doesn’t have anyplace to just sit back and relax. It looks like there may be a jet or 2 in that tub, but come on with a $37 million salary I would expect something more like Aquatic Millennium 7 that has 24 Hydrotherapy Jets including 12 Shiatsu-Pro Neck and Back Jets. Conforming to the rest of the penthouse’s attempt of an English style the designer could have opted for a better designed tub then one with a country style plain wood skirt which I’m sure someone thought matches the Smooth Italian marble.

In reality I highly doubt that this is actually the bathroom in Rush’s fifth avenue penthouse.Whoever this bathroom belongs to with three simple changes this bathroom can be transformed to be relaxing and fit in with the style of the place he calls home.

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Ambella Home Katlin Rose

First get a new vanity, let me say that again, get a new vanity. Maybe something simple like the Empire Tuscany Bathroom Vanity . It does seem like there is room for a large vanity, maybe he would want to consider a hand carved vanity like the Ambella Home Katlin Rose.

Second a new tub is in order. There a wide range of styles and types of tubs.  For an English style tub maybe a free standing claw foot tub would do the trick. If Rush want to feel like he is in a palace maybe he should go for the Max Roman Tub. (It would go great with a statue hanging right over it.)

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Maax Roman Tub

The last suggestion would be to get a new phone and TV.  Maybe something like a Flat screen TV and a cordless phone might do the trick.

Please let us know if you have any tips for the man who makes $37 million a year.

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