Santec Faucets & The Santec Brand

The Santec faucets and furnishings available from Santec illustrate principles of innovation that combine artistic balance and style with new technology in water fixtures: the company’s Fluid Imagination program encourages solutions that help deliver the newest and best in home fixtures to customers everywhere, a continual dedication to building for style and comfort, and a diverse collection of elegant designs that buyers will want to incorporate into their kitchens and bathrooms.

From this underlying philosophy, Santec offers a line of faucets and other critical home and commercial hardware to make running water fixtures more than just functional in a home or facility.

Here is a sample of the Santec product line:

  • Santec Monarch Collection: The Santec Monarch Collection brings design to bathroom faucet fixtures with wide-based grooved elements in simple, classic colors.
  • Daphne Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet: Modern kitchen options like the Daphne Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet create function within a style consistency for attractive and high-performance sinks.
  • Santec Classic Collection Single Hole Bar Faucet: For a smaller bar or auxiliary sink, try the Santec Classic Collection Single Hole Bar Faucet. Its simple bi-structural design makes this a convenient way to outfit a sink that is not going to be taking up a lot of space or used as a primary fixture.

Santec offers all of these products and more in a catalog of colors, styles and functional features for getting any sink or fixture outfitted right, to spruce up a room and provide attractive design while enabling high performance for sinks, showers and other elements.

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