How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser

Installing hot water dispensers is similar to a kitchen faucet, but the water dispensed is typically 190 degrees Fahrenheit. These are great for making hot drinks, instant soups, and more. Installation for each brand may be different, so refer to your manual for specific instructions, but here is the general overview of how to install a hot water dispenser:

  1. Find a location for the dispenser on your kitchen sink. Drill the appropriate holes if necessary using a stainless steel drill bit. The size of the hole will be referenced in your owner’s manual. Pull the tubing through the hole you drilled.
  2. Install any mounting brackets found in your kit and shut off the water valves under the sink.
  3. Connect the washers, nuts and threading rod through the hole and secure loosely. Set the dispenser in place and be sure it is level and at the right height. Then, remove the dispenser and finish securing the rod, nut and washer tightly.
  4. Replace the dispensing unit and secure it tightly with a wrench.
  5. Install a T-valve on the cold water hose under your sink, with one line going to the dispenser tank and one line going back to your kitchen faucet. Then connect the hot-line from the dispenser tank to the dispenser faucet. Connect the air lines. Install any overflow or additional tubes as per the instructions in your specific owner’s manual.
  6. Consult an electrician on the specific wiring requirements, as they may vary from brand to brand.
  7. Turn back on the water valves and let the tank fill. The water will begin to heat. Then lift the faucet and enjoy.