Kitchens Designed for Streamlined Cooking

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If you’re undertaking a kitchen remodel, you’ll probably spend hours contemplating colors, materials and products. However, it can be easy to lose sight of the most important aspect of a modern well-crafted kitchen: a cook-friendly design. A kitchen remodel designed to streamline cooking isn’t just for professional chefs. Amateur cooks will enjoy a kitchen that lets them spend less time preparing meals and less time cleaning up after them, too. Here’s how to enhance your own kitchen for optimal meal prep.

Traffic Control

Kitchens are the most active room in the home, so it stands to reason that the best designed kitchen saves steps. Professional chefs lay out their kitchens like a conveyor belt, designating separate zones for preparation, cooking and cleaning. Providing storage for task-specific utensils, pots and pans, and cutlery in the appropriate zone helps keep the cook from constantly having to double back for items. Something as simple as a cutting board installed in the wrong location can lead to heavy foot traffic. Since the refrigerator is used by the entire household throughout the day, it’s especially important to place it in the right location, outside of the cooking zone.

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As cabinets are typically the most expensive purchase in a kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to give their configuration close consideration. Taking inventory of everything that you plan to store in cabinets can help inform purchasing decisions. The task may not be as enjoyable as perusing paint samples, but planning space for each item before you choose cabinets ensures satisfaction over the long term.

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Professional cooks use gas-powered cook tops because they provide instant heat, but for safety, look for ranges that automatically reignite the burners if the flame goes out, with controls on the front of the range. Double ovens are practically essential for serious amateur cooks. Consider those with easy-to-clean porcelain interiors. While you’ll want to put the dishwasher close to the sink, make sure it won’t bring traffic to a screeching halt every time it’s opened. Choose a refrigerator that realistically suits your household’s needs and schedules. If you grocery shop frequently, you may be able to save money and counter space with a small or mid-sized model.

When taking on a project like a kitchen remodel, don’t hesitate to get assistance from professionals who make their living by implementing designs that cooks are sure to love.

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