“WHY” Why did you choose us?

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Why” is why you don’t make more sales”

(Excerpt of article posted by Fred Berns on the K+BB Blog)

If you’re like so many kitchen and bath professionals, you don’t adequately explain WHY people should buy from you. And it’s costing you big time.

bad-salesmanSure, you tell your prospects and clients what to do: Make an appointment, check out our website, send us referrals and so on.

But you don’t always tell why.

Tell them why, and they’ll buy. Don’t, and they won’t.

In challenging times like these, people are more apt to wonder why they should invest in a kitchen or bath remodel.

And why they need you.

And why they need you…NOW.

You need to address the “why” in every call to action.

Remember: “Why” is their question. Make sure you have the answer.

I recently came across this thought provoking article and it got me thinking. Why do you shop at Quality Bath? There are plenty of other bathroom and kitchen suppliers out there. What keeps pulling our customers back to Quality Bath time and again?

Sales SkyrocketingIt didn’t take long for me to conclude my question. Long time customers or even first timers can attest to the fact that Quality Bath stands apart in many essential ways. Before I post the long list I came up with I want to hear what you, our valued customer, have to say.

Tell me why you chose Quality Bath? What sets us apart from every other supplier? Why do you continue shopping at Quality Bath for all your bathroom and kitchen needs?



4 thoughts on ““WHY” Why did you choose us?”

  1. I am one that does lots of research before purchasing online, especially large purchases. I had purchased from Quality Bath before, a smaller item (to test them out) and had great success. When the need rolled around once again, I didn’t hesitate. I was very confident that they would fill my order without any issues. And, they proved me right!

    1. Sara, that’s the most common feedback we hear here at QB. Thanks for choosing us I’m glad you had a positive experience! We hope to be able to provide you with our outstanding service and knowledge once again in the near future.

  2. I actually was referred to you website by a friend of mine who was very satisfied. I am glad to say that my experience was wonderful too. Your sales staff was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and patient, as they helped me decide which vanity fit my style and budget. I am pleased with the way my new vanity fits the decor of my newly remodeled bathroom. Thank you Quality Bath!

    1. Susan, Thank you we love hearing back! I ‘m glad you had a pleasant experience. Decorating your home should be only fun and we are so happy to help you with it!

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