The Search is on for Americas Best Bathroom

Traversing the continent Cintas is on a unique mission- discovering the cleanest, most distinctive, impressive restrooms America has to offer.

Any bathroom in the United States that is open to the public is eligible to win the Best Bathroom Award. Whether you want to promote your own business, or bring some recognition to one of your favorite establishments, Cintas invites you to nominate and then vote for the restroom that you think could be the best in America.

See the winners from the last four year’s:

The Fountain on Locust- 2010 Winner

Recognized as the most photographed restaurant in St. Louis, the bathroom in this vintage ice cream parlor features hand-painted murals, ornate light fixtures and designer mirrors.

The Fountain is equipped with two restrooms. The bathrooms certainly are interesting to look at and very clean. Both are hand painted with Art Deco flourishes. The women-only bathroom is pink with a fairy blowing bubbles on the wall near the sink and a beautiful, ornate vanity. The best feature of the black-and-purple bathroom is the old-fashioned mint-green scale. In the privacy behind the locked door, and surrounded by mirrors (always the best situation in which to weigh yourself), you can step on and – Magic! – You’ll always weigh zero pounds. The needle doesn’t move an inch. Greatest scale ever!!! What better way to motivate a patron to head back to the Fountain’s main dining area and attack their Bearcat Sundae with proper passion.

The Fountain on locust Bathrooms and Zero Pound Scale-2010 best bathrooom Winner

The Shoji Tabuchi Theater – 2009 Winner

The amusements at Shoji Tabuchi’s Theatre go further than the stage and into the bathroom. Visit the ladies’ powder room and you’ve entered the lap of luxury. This restroom boasts beautiful wainscoting, live cut orchids at every granite and onyx pedestal sink, stained glass, chandeliers and a ceiling reproduced from the 1890’s Empire Period.

The men’s lounge is a delight as well, with black lion head sinks imported from Italy, black leather chairs, a marble fireplace, and even a billiard room with a hand carved mahogany pool table.

The Hermitage Hotel-2008 Winner

The Hotel Hermitage in Nashville (named after Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage estate), was custom-built by 250 Nashvillians in 1908 and opened its doors on September 17, 1910.

Only the most excellent materials were used: Italian sienna marble in the entrance; wall panels of Russian walnut; a cut, stained glass ceiling in the vaulted lobby; Persian rugs; and massive, overstuffed furniture. As Nashville’s first million-dollar hotel, it was the preferred gathering place for socialites, such as the Roosevelt’s, Kennedy’s and US House Speaker Joseph W. Byrns. The Hermitage Hotel was a symbol of Nashville’s emergence as a major Southern city. It continues to house famous celebrities, musicians and politicians.

The bathrooms reflect the care in craftsmanship displayed throughout the hotel. The men’s restroom, located outside the Oak Bar on the hotel’s lower level, maintains the 5-star elegance of the hotel, which was designed in 1910 to symbolize Nashville’s emergence as a major Southern city. The Art Deco restroom, which was remodeled in 1930, features lime green and black leaded-glass tiles, lime green fixtures, an authentic terrazzo floor and a two-seat shoeshine station. Since that time, the restroom has been the setting for music videos, business and political negotiations, as well as, believe it or not, wedding photos.

The Hermitage Hotel Mens Bathroom and Entrance- 2008 best bathroom winner

Jungle Jim’s International Market- 2007 Winner

Jungle Jim’s International Market is a superstore unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. There are miles of aisles filled with all the hidden gems of the Jungle. With 1 1/2 acres of produce, 50,000 international products and cigars from 70 countries, there is so much to see.

Jungle Jim’s International Market has Amish food, a cheese shoppe, garden center, international cuisine, cooking classes and eight aisles of pet supplies to name a few. And, in the heart of it all, you’ll find Jungle Jim’s celebrated bathrooms which stop shoppers dead in their tacks. Talk about bathroom humor — the entrance doors are actual port-o-lets. Unsuspecting shoppers patiently wait their turn until they see three or four people exiting. Upon opening the door they discover a gigantic, modern restroom within. Truly a luxurious and totally hilarious!

Jungle Jim's International Market bathroom entrance 2007 winner

From all across the United States these public bathrooms were voted #1 for hygiene, design and customer satisfaction!

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