Is A Blue Bathroom Vanity For You?

I love colored furniture. I don’t mean brown, black or white. I mean deep reds, washed out yellows, dark gold, blue in all shades . Especially blue, I love blue. It always reminds me of the summer sky and beautiful oceans, my two favorite things. So, when I was asked to find blue bathroom vanities I was really excited! How unique and special that would be, I can already picture how beautiful it would look in the bathroom. But I was a bit apprehensive to. Does such a thing exist? I never see them around and I was a bit anxious that any I find may look like it belongs in my grandmas house. But I’m happy to admit I was wrong! I came up with so many beautiful blue vanities, all in different shapes, sizes and styles. Here are some of the most beautiful blue vanities I found.

Blue Bathroom Vanities

Lefroy Brooks XO 8010 Bathroom Vanity

This XO vanity s my favorite. The washed out blue is so rustic. I can picture is as the focal point of a contemporary bathroom.

Italbrass BR02 Brighton Collection

I think of the Brighton vanity as the cottage vanity, because it has that cool, clean summer look.

Decotec New York Integrated New York Integrated Wall Hung Vanity

The New York vanity was named perfectly. It has that city-chic look about it.

Decotec Morning Vanity Morning 0101 Vanity

With the dramatic teal blue Morning vanity you will no longer need a coffee to wake you in the morning.

Decotec Aspen Vanity

There is nothing even to say about the Aspen vanity, its just so magnificent!

Decolav Clematis Series Pedestal Vanity

The Clematis vanity is really clear glass tinged blue/green. It complements either a modern or contemporary vanity.

Bissonnet Composition 3 Colors Collection Freestanding Vanity

This vanity is perfectly modern with a twist of interest in the denim looking cabinet fronts.

What do you think? Isn’t it incredible how many shades of blue there are? Ranging from gray/blue to green/blue and everything in between.


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  1. That is a nice color to pick for a vanity. And it does keep life full of color that way.

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