Mailbox Madness: Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t notice a beautiful or unusual house? Curb appeal is one of the most important things to consider when buying, selling, and just living in your home. First impressions and all that. Even if your house is so-so on the inside, if the outside is nice you’ve got something going for you; on the flip side, perfect interior and not-so-great exterior will turn people off.

A full exterior overhaul can be costly and time-consuming. One easy fix: revamp your mailbox!

You can coordinate your box with details on your house, like stonework:

Or go all-out matchy-matchy:

A mini log cabin! It’s just too cute!
Speaking of cute, what do you think of this?
A birdhouse mailbox! It looks like the one from the kids’ book The Best Nest (anyone remember that?).
If you don’t want to be cute, try a modern, clean look to complement a contemporary home.
Just don’t go too minimalist or sleek; if you don’t notice it, chances are the mailman won’t either!
(Can’t see it? It’s to the immediate left of the door, on the lower half of the jamb.)
This unusual one is sure to catch anyone’s eye:
It’s actually recessed into a real boulder!
You can go kitschy if you’d like, but remember that it reflects on your home. If you have a sophisticated house, this one may not work for you:
I actually do know someone who has this. They also have a Big Mouth Billy Bass plaque inside. ‘Nuff said.
Want to scare off the mailman? (Not sure why you’d want to do that, but different strokes for different folks…)
What’s the most eye-catching mailbox you’ve seen?