Cozy Breakfast Nooks + Poll!

If you are the lucky owner of an eat-in kitchen, consider yourself blessed. A breakfast area is a perfect spot for family gatherings at the beginning and end of the day and is likely to become “the” place to be in a home – great for paying bills, doing homework, or just having a snack. In non-eat-in kitchens, most of this activity tends to clutter up kitchen counters and/or islands that are necessary for kitchen work, so while your table may become the dumping grounds, at least your counters are left alone!

Take a look at these terrific dining areas within kitchens:

What a great way to break up a long stretch of counter – and to keep an eye on the kitchen table goings-on while you’re cooking!
If you prefer your nook removed yet integrated and easily accessible, a recessed breakfast room like this one is the perfect solution.
Nooks can also provide you with much-needed built-in storage. Stash table linens and decorations or less frequently used kitchen gadgets under the benches.
This beautiful circular nook is open to the kitchen; the table is not fully surrounded so that diners can pull up more chairs for additional seating when necessary.
Don’t want to splurge on or dedicate space to built-ins? Use a small corner and the furniture of your choice and bam! Instant breakfast nook, changeable according to your whims.
This¬†bright and sunny nook promises a good start to your day. It also strikes the ideal balance between separate dining and “part of the action.”
When space is tight, choose a slim pedestal table for maximum legroom and an open feel.

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