The Perfect Bathroom

luxury bathroom

The perfect bathroom design is about airy space and ultimate comfort.

stressed outJust imagine the feeling of coming home after a long, hectic day’s work. You’re tired, hungry, moody and aching all over. A typical day in a busy office. The perfect thing to do, before venting your irritation on your poor family is to step into a world of luxury where you can release and forget your stresses- relax in your own personal spa.

bathtub caddyLet go of all you’re pent up energy and nervous tension by stepping into your beautiful, magical bathroom.  Set up a bathtub caddy with your favorite bath soaps and gels, a glass of your preferred wine and an engaging book. Light some scented candles and take a deep breath.

Step into your jetted air whirlpool combination tub complete with mind soothing chromtherapy, close your eyes and just let it all go. Sip your wine slowly, get lost in your book or just relax till you feel the tension seep out of you. When you are absolutely tranquil slowly step out of the tub onto your heated ceramic floor. Pull your perfectly warm towel straight off the towel warmer and envelop yourself in comfort.

Now you are ready to face your family with the smile they deserve.


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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Bathroom”

  1. I totally agree. I have a really stressful job- enjoyable and successful but stressful to. I hate it when I come home and take it out on my husband. Relaxing before any interaction is a great idea. BTW I love the whirlpool tub we bought from Quality Bath!

  2. Space is just the foremost aspect of comfortability. As we envision the ultimate comfort, then we need to prioritize the factor of providing an airy atmosphere so as to generate a more relaxing space.

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