QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

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At Quality Bath, we’re committed to providing every customer, regardless of the size of the order, with a personalized and informative shopping experience. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and dilemmas that our clients have when … Continued

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Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

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What could be more modern than a super-modern bathroom? If you want to completely surpass the realm of modern, consider what will be modern after today – futuristic bathrooms! (This way, you’re a step ahead – when today’s “modern” is … Continued

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Save on TOTO Eco and High Efficiency Toilets

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While the toilet is not necessarily the most glamorous feature in your bathroom (it’s so much more fun to pick out the perfect bathtub, a beautiful sink, funky faucets, and decorative mirrors), it’s generally the most frequently used fixture (aside … Continued

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Maximize Kitchen Space with Pot Racks

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Kitchens can be tricky places. If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen with room for everything, consider me jealous! I love kitchen gadgets and never seem to have enough storage space for all of my “stuff.” My husband … Continued

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