Kitchen Sink Add-Ons

When it comes to designing a new kitchen or updating an old one, choosing a sink and faucet can be a difficult process with all of the styles, features and finishes available. It’s also crucial to consider the additional accessories that one would like – or need – to have on hand.

If you’re currently in the position to choose new fixtures, take some time to think about what you use and what you long for when you’re cooking and washing up.

Hate the way the dish (or hand) soap bottle looks?

…regardless of how many “decorative” containers you’ve tried? Can’t stand the way it gets full of soap scum and dirt sitting on your sink ledge? Do you obsess over getting the right color of soap to match your kitchen? (Okay, so maybe that’s just the obsessive-compulsive tendencies talking.)

You need an integrated soap dispenser. 

grohe 40535 cosmopolitan soaplotion dispenser 176088 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Grohe Cosmopolitan Soap/Lotion Dispenser

Luckily for you, they’re available in loads of styles and colors. A deck-mount soap dispenser hides the bottle of soap beneath the counter, leaving a neat, matching dispenser atop it and effectively quashing your kids’ ambitions to squirt each other with the soap bottle.

harrington brass 20 280v deck mount soap dispenser 229260 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Harrington Brass Victorian Deck Mount Soap Dispenser
lefroy brooks y1 3095 soap dispenser 171818 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Lefroy Brooks XO (2000) Soap Dispenser

riobel sd4 square modern soap dispenser 238389 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Riobel Square Modern Soap Dispenser

If you’re plagued with dry hands from dish washing, you can fill the dispenser with lotion instead.

If you don’t mind having the soap bottle on the countertop, or if you’re not planning on drilling new holes for it, there are plenty of attractive soap dispensers too.

nameeks al80 35 altea natural wood soap dispenser 276 w x 677 h x 403 d 236389 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Nameeks Altea Natural Wood Soap Dispenser

nameeks eu80 03 claudia soap dispenser 236160 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Nameeks Claudia Soap Dispenser

Love cold, hot, filtered or otherwise special water but hate lugging bottles (and taking up fridge space) or waiting for the kettle?

Solution for you: a hot and/or filtered water dispenser.

aqua health cghe 1 everpure commercial instant hot water tank with dual temp faucet 127346 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Aqua Health Everpure Commercial Instant Hot Water Tank with Dual Temp Faucet

They’re not just ugly but functional fixtures anymore. These dispensers can do practically anything, besides for mix your margarita (well, almost). And, once more, they come in so many sizes, finishes, and configurations (instant hot, hot/cold, filtered hot/cold…), you’re sure to find one you love. If you want to install a reverse osmosis system, many dispensers are compatible as well.

whitehaus whfh hc3131 forever hot instant hot cold water faucet 143254 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Whitehaus Forever Hot Instant Hot and Cold Water Faucet

newport brass 108 chesterfield hot cold water dispenser 118999 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Newport Brass Chesterfield Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

mountain plumbing mt1101diy nl lead free instant hot cold water dispenser with heating tank 113558 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Mountain Plumbing Lead Free Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser With Heating Tank

insinkerator hc1100 contemporary hot cold water dispenser 142927 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Insinkerator Contemporary Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

insinkerator gn2200 victorian hot water dispenser 142924 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Insinkerator Victorian Hot Water Dispenser

You can even get one that dispenses sparkling water! Yes, you read that right. You can get sparkling water right from your tap.

grohe 31251 blue chilled sparkling dula function faucet 234179 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Grohe Blue Chilled and Sparkling Dual Function Faucet

And it functions as a regular kitchen faucet, too. Your regular faucet is looking pretty obsolete now, isn’t it?

Have a lot of food waste that you just don’t know what to do with?

You know, like the congealing juice from tonight’s chicken. Dump it in the garbage? It’ll leak and smell. In the sink? Too thick. The toilet? Can’t be good for the pipes!

Or do you have a hard time figuring out where to peel your potatoes? In the sink? (How do you clean that up?) Over the garbage can or counter? (Say hello to little peels all over the floor/counter top!)

You need a garbage disposal.

insinkerator excel evolution excel household disposer 134069 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Insinkerator Evolution Excel Household Disposer

This handy device will grind up and flush away your kitchen waste and is built right into your sink drain.

franke fwd100 2800 rpm continuous feed waste disposer 228003 Kitchen Sink Add Ons

Franke 2800 rpm Continuous Feed Waste Disposer

Choose one with a powerful motor (1 HP is good) and reliable jam-resistance. Just be aware that you may need a basket strainer, stopper (not all disposers include one) and/or an extended flange (commonly necessary if you have a fireclay sink). And keep everyone’s fingers away from it!

What kitchen sink add-on can you not live without? What do you dream of having? And what do you regret putting in?

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