Decorating Kids’ Bathrooms

If there’s a kid (or kid at heart!) in your house who has his or her own bathroom, consider yourself lucky – decorating a kid-friendly bathroom can be loads of fun for you and the young user alike. Kids’ bathrooms serve as a great place to go all-out with colorful, cute, and/or wacky fixtures.

If you’re willing to go all-out kiddy, go for a fun vanity.

Sonia’s Lesson 1 collection is designed to make bathrooms fun for all ages!

sonia 837245 28 24 white wall hung two drawer vanity 23 58 w x 23 h x 18 516 d 173127 Decorating Kids Bathrooms

tray Decorating Kids Bathrooms

l1tumbler Decorating Kids Bathrooms

kids a 5g Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Kids can actually draw on the wall-hung, dry-erase, magnetic vanity! The collection includes matching tumblers, towel rods, combination step stool/storage chest, trays, and a shatter-resistant safe glass mirror.

If I was redesigning my kids’ bathroom now, you bet I’d pick this. So much fun.

Now, if you have a houseful of girly-girls (or just one with her own bathroom), give your princess(es) a truly fairy-tale bathroom.

elite bath fairy tale oak pedestal vessel fairy tale oak pedestal vessel 27 w x 30 d 156325 Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Elite Bath Fairy Tale Oak Pedestal and Vessel

It even has little fairies on it!

Not exactly my speed, but I know plenty of little girls who would desperately want one.

Once the little girl matures, she may want something more “sophisticated” – so go for a crisp butterfly print on a modern vanity for a bathroom that works from little girl to “grown-up” teen.

italbrass tt1103 tanteante vanity 131624 Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Italbrass TanteAnte Vanity

You can go wild with tile in fun colors for a gender-neutral kids’ bath:

eclectic bathroom Decorating Kids Bathrooms 

I love the bright green door.

If you don’t have the space, time, budget, or desire for a designated kiddie bathroom, have fun with temporary furnishings: shower curtains, mirrors, rugs, towels, accessories… the possibilities are practically endless, and easy to change as the kids (and their tastes!) grow.

187142133859c Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Fish Safari Shower Curtain, via Bed Bath & Beyond

img8o Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Transportation Shower Curtain, via Pottery Barn Kids

img54o Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Butterfly Shower Curtain, via Pottery Barn Kids

Kids not brushing their teeth for long enough? Problem solved:

41Y0K6yiMVL Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Kids’ Toothbrush Holder with Hourglass Timer

With the handy-dandy built-in timer, they’ll actually want to brush their teeth. (Well, maybe.)


barnslig mirror  0087839 PE217734 S4 Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Barnslig Mirror, via Ikea

This mirror adds a splash (pun fully intended) of color to a neutral bathroom. Case in point:

modern bathroom Decorating Kids Bathrooms
I think bright green may be a contender for my new favorite color!
contemporary bathroom Decorating Kids Bathrooms
I love how this blah bathroom was rescued by simple accessorizing. Who wouldn’t smile in that room?
If you’re the crafty type, and your kid is obsessed with LEGO like mine is, check out this adorable project:
41Gz+gYiKTL Decorating Kids Bathrooms
LEGO ice cube tray + soap making supplies = LEGO soap!
il 570xN.245021528 Decorating Kids Bathrooms
Now the kids will be begging to wash their hands! (And if you’re not crafty – or just lazy – you can buy them on Etsy.)
Do your kids have their own bathroom? What have you done with it? Please share it with us!

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