2 New D’Vontz Natural Stone Pedestals

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Figuring out what style bathroom vanity to use in your bathroom can be a daunting task. We hear all the time customers who need help with “making their bathroom unique” or “artistic” or “a place that people will envy”.

D’Vontz has added 2 new bathroom pedestal sinks that will be an easy selection for those of you who are constantly searching for the latest trends.

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Five Modern Kitchen Faucets

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Modernity is meant to be fleeting–when we call a kitchen faucet modern, it means that it speaks to the styles and tastes of that particular point in time. But of course, today’s modern kitchen faucet is tomorrow’s traditional kitchen faucet. And even further down the road, it becomes a vintage or antique kitchen faucet. But while the passage of time inevitably inflects the terminology of decor differently, it doesn’t mean that an artfully crafted modern style kitchen faucet becomes less appealing over time. We have other words for fixtures and styles that don’t age gracefully–outmoded, retro or dated.

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Charming Country Style For Your Summer Retreat

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Your summer country home is a haven of respite from the heat of summer and cramped city lifestyle. Adorn your most personal space, your summer home bathroom, with these old American country period style vanity pieces sure to evoke a serene atmosphere of country charm and rustic relaxation.

In this post we preview 4 vanities that are sure to add that country touch to your bathroom.

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8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

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It all started with a pedal waste bin in an entrepreneurial Danish woman’s salon. Her husband, Holger Nielsen, had crafted it out of necessity but it ended up being his finest work to date. Eager to please his beloved wife, he lavished an uncommon amount of inspiration into the functional little waste bin and started a revolution. Even nestled in the corner of the salon, the stylish waste bin with an ingenious pedal lid got noticed by Nielsen’s wife’s clientele who recommended them to their husbands. And thus, the Vipp waste bin was born.

In this post we hand picked the 8 most popular Vipp bins and accessories

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2 New GRAFF Tub Fillers

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Today we are happy to make available to new additions to the GRAFF family of tub fillers , a contemporary tub filler and a traditional one.

The Graff Fontaine Collection Deck Mount Tub Filler with handshower and diverter which is very sleek and will fit well in any contemporary bathroom. This set is unique in that it utilizes sharp right angles, commonly used in contemporary design, while graceful adding curvature to soften the the look.

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