The Germ-Free Bathroom

Let’s face it: bathrooms are by far the germiest places in every home. Yes, doorknobs and dollar bills may be the least sanitary things you touch throughout the day, but germs are lurking on every bathroom surface. What are the clean freaks among us to do?

Luckily, bathroom fittings are becoming increasingly hygienic. Even if you don’t want to invest in hands-free faucets or easy-clean, nonporous solid surface, you can keep your bathroom as uncontaminated as possible. These fixtures are inherently anti-bacterial and/or anti-microbial for your peace of mind.

The sink is a good place to start. Yes, one uses it to wash off the germs, but that means that said germs end up all over the basin.

slik portfolio q swmbas37 annelie quartz floor mount basin 20 l x 20 w x 36 h 233252 The Germ Free Bathroom

Slik Portfolio Annelie Quartz Floor Mount Basin

This quartz beauty repels bacterial growth.

toto lfc991gq combination lavatoryfaucet with sanagloss 19 58 l x 29 12 w 169693 The Germ Free Bathroom

Toto Neorest Combination Lavatory/Faucet with SanaGloss

Toto’s patented SanaGloss, an integrated glaze, creates a super-smooth ionized barrier against mold, stains, bacteria, and other debris that tends to collect on ceramic surfaces and cuts down on the need for chemical cleaners.

SanaGloss is available on many Toto products, including a large number of their high-end toilets, another popular bacteria gathering place. Bonus: it’s better for the environment, too.

toto ms980cmg 550 dual flush toilet 16 gpf with sanagloss 169653 The Germ Free Bathroom

Toto Neorest 550 Dual Flush Toilet with SanaGloss

Many people hesitate to install a bathtub, especially a jetted one, for fear of bacterial growth in the jets and overall germiness. These worries are unfounded thanks to updated technology and materials used in the production of these tubs.

Tubs made by MTI and Hydro Systems are often outfitted with a special ozone cleaning system that cleans the tub while it’s in use. It emits an ozone gas that rids the water of bacteria, viruses, cysts, yeasts, molds, mildew and disease-causing microorganisms while you’re in the bath, so you can soak without wondering what kind of nastiness is hiding in the water.

mti designer collection cayman 1 drop in corner whirlpool formerly interlude 1 mti 26 59 14 l x 59 14 w x 16 d x 21 34 h 229965 The Germ Free Bathroom

MTI Designer Collection Cayman 1 Drop In Corner Whirlpool

ozonator The Germ Free Bathroom

MTI Ozonator Bath Sanitation System

hydro systems designer series alexis whirlpool 60 l x 48 w x 17 12 d x 20 h 104179 The Germ Free Bathroom

Hydro Systems Designer Series Alexis Whirlpool with HydrOzone

Neptune tubs like this one are equipped with anti-backwash valves so that germs never get into the jets at all. Each jet drains automatically and goes through a drying cycle to prevent bacterial build-up after use.

neptune bora corner mass airactiv air combo 59 34 l x 41 34 w x 22 18 h 141985 The Germ Free Bathroom

Neptune Bora Corner Mass-air/Activ-air Combo

Some tubs are anti-microbial by virtue of their composition only. Pure copper tubs are naturally bacteria-resistant.

westbrass copper slipper tub 36 l x 67 w x 32 d x 23 35 h 129556 The Germ Free Bathroom

Westbrass Copper Slipper Tub

Blu Bathworks’ BluStone tubs are crafted of a non-porous, anti-microbial quartz/resin combination to keep them hygienic.

blu bathworks metrix freestanding blustone one piece soaker tub 59 12 l x 30 w x 21 12 h 231717 The Germ Free Bathroom

Blu Bathworks Metrix Freestanding Blustone One Piece Soaker Tub

How do you combat germs in your bathroom?

Special thanks once again to Dov for his invaluable help in the creation of this post. Thanks, Dov!

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