Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Who remembers when touch-free faucets were introduced? By now they’re so widespread that it’s more surprising to visit a public bathroom without one than with one. And practically everything else in the bathroom has followed suit: hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, toilets (which still need to be perfected… too many people have been flushed on unexpectedly), and even toilet seat covers.

(When are the doors going to follow suit? No more touching germy handles!)

If you love the convenience and sanitary benefits of sensor-activated bathroom fittings, read on. Here’s a list of automatic furnishings for your bathroom:


Automatic faucets are still among the most popular of touchless luxuries and are available in a wide variety of styles.

artos f9901 1ch sensor faucet with temp regulator 162665 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Artos Ralston Sensor Faucet with Temp Regulator

hansgrohe 15171 electronic faucet w preset temperature control 173289 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Hansgrohe PuraVida Electronic Faucet with Preset Temperature Control

rohl country bath hex hands free single hole lavatory faucet 140602 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Rohl Country Bath Hex Hands Free Single Hole Lavatory Faucet

se15us nameeks sensor control basin tap with single water 237280 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Nameeks Remer Sensor Control Basin Tap

se17us nameeks sensor control basin mixer with temperature control on angle valve 237300 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Nameeks Sensor Control Basin Mixer

sonoma forge sans cx wm sans hands wall mount lav spout 150104 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Sonoma Forge Cixx Sans Hands Wall Mount Lav Spout

(Isn’t “Sans Hands” the perfect clever name for a line of automatic faucets?)

toto tel5lk10 ecopower axiom faucet thermal mixing 05 gpm 172075 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Toto Ecopower Axiom Faucet 

vola 4123 electronic wall mounted basin set with temperature control 9 spout battery operated sensor for hands free operation plate trim 13 gpm 240732 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Vola Electronic Wall-Mounted Basin Set

Shower heads are now joining in the fun. Toto’s collection of eco-friendly sensor fittings – their EcoPower® line – doesn’t require any power source, they power themselves with the force of running water.

toto ts626kg aimes ceiling mount showerhead with led lighting 170536 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Toto Aimes Ceiling Mount Showerhead with LED Lighting

Make your shower totally hands-free with a sleek, wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser.

whitehaus whsd12 showerhaus hands free automatic soaplotionhand sanitizer dispenser 164637 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Whitehaus Showerhaus Hands Free Automatic Soap/Lotion/Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Now you can stop associating automatic flushes with public restrooms and unpleasant surprises (and trauma to newly toilet-trained kids). Sensor-activated flushing is available for your homes, too – and they’re often customizable to your needs and preferences.

toto ms980cmg 550 dual flush toilet 16 gpf with sanagloss 169653 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Toto Neorest 550 Dual Flush Toilet

img Actuator plate Sigma80 green lights width 232 height 157 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Geberit’s newest actuator (above), the Sigma80, is hands-free, super-modern, and entirely programmable.

Even mirrors and medicine cabinets can be automated!

This one by Robern lights up according to lower light levels in the room:

robern mp24d4a mp series arch door cabinet with electric night light 126883 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Robern MP Series Arch Door Cabinet

While Windisch makes a makeup mirror with infrared motion sensors:

windisch 998572 wall mounted led mirror with sensor 140706 Hands Off! The Automated Bathroom

Windisch Wall Mounted LED Mirror with Sensor

We’ve come a long way from Clap On/Clap Off lights, haven’t we?

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