What’s Your Address?

We place so much emphasis on our homes’ curb appeal. Everyone wants a groomed lawn, beautiful landscaping, a tidy exterior, a lovely facade. The single most important element of the exterior, however, is frequently neglected.

House numbers are often regarded as purely utilitarian and not so exciting. But they are of utmost importance to every house; besides for the annoyance of visitors unable to find your home, there’s the danger of emergency responders having difficulty locating it. When every second counts in an emergency, why waste precious time?

eclectic exterior Whats Your Address?
These house numbers are cute, but they border on indecipherable. Don’t sacrifice readability for the sake of being unique.

In fact, you don’t have to sacrifice anything! Today, house numbers are available in more configurations and styles than ever before, and they can be gorgeous. Check out some innovative ones (and some classics, too):

Make your address sign a practical decor statement (not an oxymoron!).

contemporary exterior Whats Your Address?
modern exterior Whats Your Address?
These sleek cutout signs are striking. Just make sure that they are not backed by anything that will make them hard to see.

Try stenciling your address in bold, clear letters on a crisp background:

  Whats Your Address?
Another similarly low-cost yet effective solution is to paint your address directly on the curb. (Just be aware that this must be refreshed periodically.)
slide addressoncurb Whats Your Address?

Via 123curbs.com

Mounting the house numbers on a brightly-colored sign – a twist on the traditional – makes your address pop.

  Whats Your Address?
Or if you prefer the actual traditional sign, there’s no need to scrimp on style.
traditional exterior Whats Your Address?
midcentury exterior Whats Your Address?
contemporary exterior Whats Your Address?
Mix it up with a combination of words and numbers.
modern landscape Whats Your Address?
Make your address shine – literally – with neon numbers or an illuminated sign.
modern porch Whats Your Address?
652 922 1 Whats Your Address?

Via etchlite.com

lighted address sign address led 9358 Whats Your Address?
You can also stay subtle but visible.

modern exterior Whats Your Address?
traditional landscape Whats Your Address?
Tell us about your address sign!

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