Beautiful Bathroom…

Beautiful Bathroom

Today, we feature a list of 7 inspirational bathrooms to invoke your imagination. Each of the magnificent bathrooms below have one thing in common – elaborate attention to detail.

Today’s luxury bathrooms push the limits and dare to go where no one has gone before. Some items you can expect to find in a luxury bathroom these days are fabulous vanities, intricate faucets, towel warmers, tanning showers and body sprays and whirlpool tubs.

When it comes to the interior design of a home, one of the most significant rooms is undeniably the bathroom.  In recent years, the style and awareness to detail in the bathroom has become one of the most crucial aspects in appraising the level of elegance in a home.  When people walk through a house, whether as potential buyers or guests for the evening, they will most likely see the bathroom at some point, and it comes as no surprise that people desire a style that will impress everyone.  Subsequently, it should come as no surprise that designer bathrooms have become incredibly popular in the past few decades.

Here of some of the most incredible bathroom designs of today:

Incredible Nature Bathroom Design

>A modern nature inspired bathroom with a rain shower head and square freestanding vanity.

Black & White Eclectic Bathroom

>This eclectic black and white striped bathroom, with a marble topped vanity and tub, was designed by the celebrated Stephen Shubel.

Puple and Silver Bathroom

>The focal point of this unique purple and silver bathroom is the freestanding, metallic silver soaker tub.

Green Glass Block Bathroom

> Glass blocks and green glass tiles gives this ultra modern bathroom a warm aura.

Classic Bathroom

> This incredible bathroom,a part of Ralph Lauren’s Bedford estate, draws inspiration from its beautiful surroundings.

Spa Inspired Bathroom

>This Christmas themed bathroom, by Parrish Construction, is a delightful and beautiful winter wonderland, with a built-up jacuzzi and warmed by a  fireplace.

Flavius Designer Bathroom

> The art deco style of this bathroom is unique and fresh with modern furnishing and tinted glass in the tub, shower and vanity.

Each of the seven featured bathrooms are beautiful, special and unique. The intense focus on detail is what makes them memorable and desirable.

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  1. Thanks for the comments on the ‘winter wonderland’ bath. This was built by Parrish Construction Co. and also features custom cabinets by our company. For more views of this room and the great walk-in closet, go to our website. Sorry, it is not owned by Ralph Lauren.

  2. Beautiful bathrooms I have ever seen.
    I always made sure my bathroom was more beautiful than my own room, call it water baby thing. this surely gonna help me to look forward to making my new house’s bathroom a piece of elegance.

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