Six Envy-Inducing Luxury Bathtubs

Everyone has a dream tub. (Except for the oddballs who don’t like to take baths. Honestly, how do you relax?) So we scoured the web to find six of the dreamiest luxury bathtubs that we’d want in our own bathrooms and were not disappointed. (Truthfully, it was hard to choose just six.) So check these out and dream away!

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The Vessel tub, a hammock-inspired suspended soaker tub by SplinterWorks (a UK-based sculptural furniture manufacturer) is crafted of carbon fiber, 8.85′ long, and installed with heavy-duty stainless steel wall brackets that allow it to “hang” above the floor. Its insulated foam core keeps water warm for longer than typical tubs.

Splinterworks Vessel Hammock Tub

It’s intended primarily for wet rooms rather than standard bathrooms due to its unusual drainage system: after bathing, simply open the drain plug and the water runs into a floor drain. The incredibly limited-edition tub costs approximately $34,269 and is available in black, bronze, silver, red, blue, yellow, and pink.

If you’d rather a more timeless look, old-world luxury takes physical form with this copper stunner by Aquatic:

Aquatic Serenity Freestanding Copper Soaker Tub

This double-walled wooden bathtub by WS Bath Collection is available in six different types of wood – oak, wenge, pear, mahogany, walnut, and iroko – and with a matte or mirror finish.

WS Bath Collection Free Standing Laguna Spa Wood Tub

This two-tone beauty’s exterior is finished in gold leaf:

Stone One – the Original, via
For those who prefer simple but striking, the gorgeously clean shape of MTI’s Adrian tub may be the right choice:
MTI Boutique Collection Adrian Freestanding Air Tub

And we’ve saved the best (in our opinion) for last:

Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky

Yes, that is indeed a spherical bathtub suspended from the ceiling. This revolutionary tub will change the way you think about bathing. In the uber-modern Bathsphere, you can create your own little slice of heaven every time you take a bath. The sphere allows you to fully control your surroundings – humidity, temperature, light, music, and smells – while sitting under a gentle rainfall if you so desire.

Are you jealous yet? Tell us about the coolest luxury bathtub you’ve seen.