Quality Bath Black Friday… in July!

Why should Black Friday only come once a year? We don’t get it either. That’s why we’re celebrating a summertime Black Friday (or rather, Black Tuesday) at Quality Bath!

Don’t wait until November (when you’ll be disappointed by the lack of good-enough sales in most stores anyway). For one day only – tomorrow, Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 – we’re saving you serious money on bath and kitchen fixtures. Whatever you need to improve your home – tubs, vanitiessinks, faucets, showers, lighting, hardware – we have it, at gotta-have-it-now prices.

Visit Quality Bath for awesome deals on loads of high-quality brands, plus ten sizzling hot deals that you will not want to miss.

By the time the “real” Black Friday rolls around, you won’t even need to shop!

Best of all: no crazy lines, no stampedes, no camping out – just a sale that you’ll have to see to believe.