The Rivera Freestanding Soaker Tub

The Rivera Freestanding Soaker Tub by MTI provides the perfect environment for taking advantage of this most basic form of hydrotherapy. All the tubs in MTI’s exclusive Boutique Collection have comfortably designed interiors, making it easy for you to lose track of time. And the composition of MTI’s “ESS” (Engineered Solid-Surface) material, as well as its solid thickness of over 1″, provide excellent insulation to help maintain bath water warmth.
MTI Designer Series Rivera Freestanding Tub

The clean lines and contemporary design make this freestanding bath tub so beautiful. The generous width and extended ledge for standard hardware placement make it perfectly functional. The Riviera tubs also features ergonomically designed interiors, with acrylic bath shells reinforced with a material mixture that is thicker than most others, not only making the tubs more structurally durable but also increasing their insulating properties, so the bath water stays warmer longer.

The Riviera Soaker Tub allows you to maximize the benefits of thermal therapy with two effective technologies. Radiance® is a patent-pending system that incorporates radiant heat technology in the bath structure to provide a warmed surface for your neck, back and shoulders. This means no more cold shoulders when you lean back!