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TV mirrior with bathtubThe MB Quart TV Mirror “HiddenReflections” –  an ultra thin mirror with a vanishing television. When the TV  is turned off  it is a 100% distortion free mirror. When the TV is activated, it transforms the mirror into a window to the world of entertainment, information and media. The MB Quart HiddenReflections has been featured on Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal and has won the CES Innovation award in the furniture category for 2009 and 2010. The CES awards are the most coveted awards in electronic innovation and feature some of the most technologically advanced consumer products available on the market.

The Television Mirror on Good Morning America

MB Quart was founded in 1963, first named Mikrofonbau GmbH and was located in Obrigheim Germany. Business-to-business commerce was vital to MB Quart’s early future. MB Quart quickly became a key worldwide prime manufacturer of German-designed and manufactured professional quality studio microphones, pro-headphones and later, recording studio-quality loudspeakers and monitors. Today, MB Quart Entertainment brings this long heritage of innovative Business-to-Business products to the Hospitality and Commercial / Residential markets.

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This break-through mirror technology features a one-way glass and high index mirror technology for a natural reflection of color. As the brightest mirror and television combination on the market today, HiddenReflections offers the clearest and most vivid colors and mirror match. This results in the perfect platform for viewing high-resolution programming up close or at a distance.

TV mirrior Waterproof Remote
Waterproof Remote
TV mirrior Speakers

Renowned for over 45 years of German engineering, MB Quart has established a reputation as one of the most respected manufacturers of consumer electronic products. With a legacy built on uncompromised attention to detail, MB Quart is among top-ranking choices in today’s consumer, hospitality and commercial markets. Sound is an essential part of the experience and is at the heart of MB Quart. HiddenReflections TV mirrors use the same high quality technology originally designed for MB Quart speakers. The speakers are meticulously incorporated into the television to offer optimum and premium sound reproduction.

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The Mirror comes in various sizes from 24″ x 36″ to 60″ x 36″ and the LCD HDTV is available in 17″ or 24″ browse all the TV Mirrors .


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  1. I think is really cool I have yet to see this product in any of the Luxury hotels. i am wondering if they would list this as one of the ameneties. I would love to see this product in action.

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