Soaking Away Holiday Stress

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is o’ so fun!!! Parting, eating, shopping, socializing and gift exchanging!

But at the end of each long day, from late November to early January, we are all seriously zonked! The only possible way to get through this fun yet hectic season with our heads on straight is to end the day with a good, long rejuvenating soak.

Soaker Bath Tub

It’s no secret that a bath is a great way to relax. More than just relaxation, many cultures even recognize the restorative potential of bathing to help treat a host of medical conditions.

Maybe this is why tub sales skyrocket in December!

The top five tubs for the 2010 Holiday season:

Maax Jazz Freestanding Aerofeel

The Maax Jazz Freestanding Aerofeel was our TOP selling tub this holiday season. Perhaps that is because of its transitional style. It fits beautifully into any style bathroom.

Maax Crescendo Hydromax and Aerofeel Bathtub with Backmax and Footmax Systems

Another Maax tub was our second best seller. The Maax Cresendo Hydromax and Aerofeel Bathtub complete with Backmax and Footmax sytems is luxury at its peak!

Jacuzzi Fuzion Undermount Whirlpool Bath 7260 Fuzion Two Person Undermount Whirlpool Bath

The Jacuzzi Fuzion Undermount Whirlpool Bath ranked up there as number three! In this fabulous Jacuzzi you can create whatever massage you desire at the touch of a button.

Melinda MTI Designer Tub

The Melinda Designer Tub is the fourth of our best sellers this holiday season. This tub, by MTI, is a freestanding, transitional design that perfectly blends old-world charm with contemporary styling.

Jacuzzi Duetta Salon Spa 7242 Duetta Combo Bath

The Jacuzzi Duetta Salon Spa tub is number five. This bathtub combines the therapeutic power of the luxury whirlpool experience and the calm, effervescence of Jacuzzi Pure Air. This is the ultimate home retreat from the speed of life.

Holiday Season


4 thoughts on “Soaking Away Holiday Stress”

  1. we purchased the Maax Cresendo Hydromax a few months ago. I must say it is heaven on earth! The only thing I can find wrong with it is that once i get in I can’t get out. I mean it’s just amazing. After a long day with my three children I need a way to rejuvenate. The tub does the trick!!! Quality Bath is always a pleasure to deal with! Always a pleasant experience throughout our whole house remodel. Not to mention the unbeatable prices!

  2. After my doctor “prescribed” a soaking tub to ease my joint pain I got the Jacuzzi Duetta. It helped me a lot.

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I couldnt agree more! I can use a nice hot soak RIGHT NOW!The holidays are fun but so draining I’m exhausted & still have 4 presents left to buy!

  4. We are totally thrilled with our tub! Our parents gave us the Melinda Designer Tub (MTI) last holiday! It get so much use- we love it!

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