Out-of-This-World Style: the Sputnik Chandelier

In October of 1957, nearly 60 years ago, the Soviet Union launched the world’s very first satellite: the Sputnik 1. Its fame spawned a huge midcentury space-influenced furnishings boom, including the ever-popular Sputnik chandelier.

In recent years, that chandelier has once again become a popular fixture in modern decorating. The Sputnik 1 was comprised of a sphere with two pairs of protruding antennae to transmit information to Earth; the classic Sputnik chandelier design features a central sphere with protruding arms, each topped with a single light bulb. (Several styles mimic the Sputnik, like other “starburst” fixtures or linear fixtures with Sputnik-like arms, but are not truly Sputnik without the proper shape.)

The overall silhouette of the Sputnik chandelier remains the same, though subtle differences set apart pieces as designers seek to interpret it uniquely. This versatile fixture is available in various finishes and mounts, like floor lamps, sconces, and ceiling mounts. Bulb type also changes the look of the fixture dramatically.

Arteriors Imogene Floor Lamp
Modern Sputnik Pendant White Globe Orb by We Got Lites
AF Lighting Supernova Wall Sconce
Arteriors Ramirez Chandelier

A funky-colored Sputnik is even more eye-catching than a traditional bronze, brass, or nickel:

Photo by Mary Prince Photography 
Family Room by Heather Garrett Design 
Blue Sputnik Chandelier by Stimulight
A Sputnik chandelier can be hung alone or in pairs, depending on size, number and thickness of arms, and room layout. And best of all, its playful – yet trendy and sophisticated – shape means that it looks perfect in virtually any area of the home.
Living Room by Design Within Reach 
Kitchen by Alina Druga Interiors 
Dining Room by Lizette Marie Interior Design 
Home Office by Terris Lightfoot Contracting 
Powder Room by Foz Design 
Kitchen by Jennifer McGahan Interiors

It’s vintage, yet modern; fun, yet stylish. What more could you possibly want from a light fixture?

Tell us about your Sputnik chandelier!