Lighten Up! Our Favorite Table Lamps

Accessorizing is the easiest and most cost-effective way to change your home’s decor. Couch looking tired? Some fresh pillows and a cozy throw will revitalize it. Bathroom needs some brightening? A new shower curtain or even an awesome toothbrush holder can do that. Sick of your current kitchen? Add a vase of flowers or a great new wall hanging. It’s cheap, simple, and – best of all – can be swapped out as the seasons (and your whims) change.

When it’s the living room, den, or bedroom that needs a facelift, the perfect place to start is with the tabletop accessories, namely the table lamp. Besides for being an essential component in layered lighting, table lamps have the potential to complete or change a room’s decorating scheme.

We’ve chosen thirty – yes, 30! – of our favorite table lamps to share with our loyal readers, and that’s the pared-down list!

Some table lamps stand out due to an awesome base. These are stylish, quirky, fun, elegant, and just plain cool:

Arteriors Agate Bronze Iron & Natural Stone Accent Lamp
Dainolite Table Lamp with Crystal Cubes
Arteriors Cassidy Orange Porcelain Lamp
AF Lighting Grid Table Lamp
Arteriors Packett Lamp
AF Lighting Hastings Table Lamp
Arteriors Maize Vintage Brass Lamp
Arteriors Malaya Large Coral/Zinc Lamp
Trend Mystic Accent Lamp
AF Lighting Bark Table Lamp
Flos Bedside Gun Table Lamp

Sometimes it’s the shade that makes the statement:

Dainolite Rosewood Table Lamp
AF Lighting Mountain Air Table Lamp
Dainolite Table Lamp with Twisted Glass
AF Lighting Clifton Table Lamp
AF Lighting Trees Table Lamp
Dainolite Table Lamp
AF Lighting Loopy Table Lamp
Candice Olson Lola Table Lamp
AF Lighting Seaside Table Lamp

And sometimes the overall design makes a lamp a showpiece:

Arteriors Berti Solid Brass & Glass Table Lamp
Trend Stalagmos Table Lamp
Studio Italia Design Blow Table Lamp
Trend Pluto Table Lamp
Arteriors Rufus Torchiere
Flos Lampadina Table Lamp
Arteriors Derrick Glass Lantern
Estiluz Infiore Table Lamp
Trend Pique Round Table Lamp
Estiluz Tovier Table Lamp

Which one is your favorite?