Lighten Up! New Lighted Mirrors

It’s hard to find the right lighting for a bathroom. Many don’t have windows (or have only small privacy windows) so clean, natural light is a precious commodity. For those of us who put on makeup in the bathroom, good lighting near the mirror is a must – and what could be better than lighting up the mirror itself?

Afina is known for producing high-quality medicine cabinets and mirrors in timeless, elegant designs. Among their newest products are mirrors in the Illume line. Illume mirrors feature integrated UL-approved LED lighting in a sleek, classic design with Satin Gray sides and backing, a slim profile, and polished edging.

The Illume is available in six shapes and sizes (each of which may be hung vertically or horizontally):


20" x 30"
20″ x 30″
20" x 36"
20″ x 36″
24" x 30"
24″ x 30″
30" x 36"
30″ x 36″


24" x 24"
24″ x 24″



24" x 32"
24″ x 32″

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