Light it Up: Outdoor Step Lights

Steps leading up to your home? They may be lovely (and, more importantly, necessary), but they also pose a major trip hazard, especially in wet conditions and at night. The solution: outdoor step lights.

Protect yourself, your family, and your visitors (and your home insurance policy!); light up your steps to avoid trips, slips, falls, and injuries.

Getting the lighting right can be tricky. Depending on the location and layout of your steps, there are several ways to light them. The most popular outdoor step lights locations are:

On the step

Use those risers! Place lights in the center of the step, on each side (or the darker side) of the step, along the entire riser, or staggered to light the entire flight of stairs. Get creative!

Landscape by The Taunton Press, Inc
Pool by clemente design studio, llc
Deck by Andrew J Coleman
On the railing
If you’re working with existing stairs, it can be difficult (and expensive) to add lighting to the steps themselves. Try lighting the railing for effective brightness and a beautiful effect:
Deck by RJK Construction Inc
Railing by über iron
On the landing
Pier mount lighting (also known as deck mount lighting) sheds light on the landing and at the top or bottom of the steps. If you don’t have many stairs, lighting the landing only may be sufficient.
Vibia Tree Outdoor Lamp

On the wall

If your stairs are surrounding by walls, use the existing structure to light the steps by attaching fixtures to the wall itself. This tactic casts a glow on the stairs without using the stairs themselves.

Vibia Break Outdoor Light
Landscape by Studio | Landscape Architecture
Photo via
On the ground
No walls? If your stairs are built into the landscape, you’re in luck; this kind of lighting is often the most economical choice. Some in-ground lights are freestanding and solar powered, so you don’t even have to call an electrician!
Landscape by Andrew J Coleman
Landscape by Sundance Landscaping

Proper lighting will ensure that you stay safe on the steps – and it looks great, too!