Shape Up with Geometric Home Decor

Most of the shapes in our homes are unexciting and not particularly noticeable – square floor tiles, rectangular kitchen cabinets, round sinks. But those very shapes, when emphasized correctly, can add incredible dimension (pun fully intended) to every home. Geometric patterns and shapes are striking in their simplicity and incredibly versatile; they can be found on virtually every surface of the home.

Because geometrics are often busy despite their simple angles and lines, people are hesitant to use them, fearing clashes and overwhelming rooms. These geometric rooms and fixtures will help you overcome that uncertainty and use those shapes – squares, rectangles, hexagons, triangles, circles, zigzags – with confidence.

If you’re choosing a bold, intricate, or potentially dizzying design, keep the rest of the furnishings and decor clean and simple to make the geometric features stand out:

Living Room by Anthony Baratta LLC
Living Room by Malcolm Duffin Design
Living Room by Shirley Meisels Of MHouse Inc.
Living Room by Arkee Creative

Go gentle with subtler colors, even tone-on-tone:

Living Room by Scott Weston Architecture Design PL
Bedroom by Bazaar Velvet
Bathroom by Clifton Leung Design Workshop –
Bedroom by Greg Natale

Draw attention with freeform geometrics, like a few well-placed shapes on an otherwise solid wall:

Nursery by Proctor & Co Architecture Ltd
Bedroom by Christopher Elliott Design

You CAN mix patterns, but then keep it to a few parts of the room rather than a feature wall and keep the palette simple:

Living Room by Breathe Architecture

Add interest with a geometric light fixture, piece of furniture, or other home fitting:

Family Room by Sally Carson Interiors
Arteriors Edmond Brass & Glass Hexagon Pendant
Arteriors Sola Antique Copper Honeycomb Lamp
Arteriors Perseus Lamp
Arteriors Worchester Etagere
Decolav Simply Stainless Square Vessel
Arteriors Patterson Table
Arteriors Troy Coffee Table

If you’ve fallen in love with a particular pattern, carry it through the room, like the clever chevron that’s the theme of this room:

Bedroom by Susan Strauss Design
Draw attention to your geometric pattern by putting it in an unexpected place. These kitchens mix up the typically predictable backsplash:
Kitchen by Honea Woodworks
Kitchen by Breathe Architecture
Which geometric pattern or shape is your favorite?