Bring Home Your Favorite Retro Video Game

Video game geeks, have we got decorating ideas for you! If you’re a die-hard retro video game fan, your house should show your passion – and not just with clunky arcade consoles. These rooms and products will send you running for your credit card to get those must-haves for your gaming house. Check them out!

You’ve got to have the iconic original Super Mario Bros. (Who else hears that music??)

Bathroom by Royston Wilson Design
Bedroom by Ottawa’s Professional Contracting Services Inc

Bedroom by Build A Room
Kids’ Room by Design Loves Detail

How about some irresistible Space Invaders? (Bonus: they’re removable!)

Bathroom by Jennifer Ott Design

Or perhaps you’d prefer Tetris? (Talk about a catchy theme song.)

These Tetris tiles allow you to custom-design your backsplash or other surface in the colors and configurations you prefer:

Tetris Tiles

This Tetris lamp is almost too good to be true… but yet, here it is! Each piece is separate and can be stacked however you wish to stack it – and each lights up when placed atop another on the base.

Tetris Lamp

Here it is in the bedroom of an obviously die-hard Tetris fan:

Next Level Snoozing Duvet Cover

Tetris shelving unit? Want it! (But never, ever think about placing actual books on it.)

Family Room by CS Design

Too in-your-face? Go for a subtler effect:

Sonia Puzzle Wall-Hung Vanity
Living Room by poggi design

Landscape by Jenkins Custom Homes

Boring stainless-steel fridge? Not with one of these:

Retro GameBoy Tetris Fridge Decal

Or is your game Pac-Man?

Image via Hilary Walker and
Dining Room by gk-architetti

Closet Door by AJD Interiors

Basement by Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA
(The rest of this awesome game-themed basement features classics like Scrabble and Twister. So fun!)
Basement by Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA

What’s your favorite game?