Create Your Own Worktop Sink

Everyone dreams of a multi-functional worktop sink for the kitchen – after all, anything that cuts down on food prep and cleanup time is worthwhile, right?

Franke Culinary Work Station
Houzer Novus Undermount Single-Bowl Sink
Elkay Gourmet Single Bowl Sink Top with Two Work Surfaces
Julien Classic Single Bowl Worktop Sink

But for many, that dream remains a dream due to lack of space (or funds) for a huge workhorse unit; one also may not be inclined toward integrated cutting boards, which can be difficult to clean and prone to unsightly scratching and knife marks. Plus, there may not be a configuration to fit every cook’s individual needs.

A great option for those in that camp: DIY! Make your own worktop sink just the way you like it. Add the items you use most – cutting board, colander (for draining pasta or vegetables and drying dishes, depending on size and shape), sponge holder, multi-compartment workstation – to customize your sink according to your specific needs.

The additions are removable and changeable as desired, less expensive, less complicated and more flexible than built-ins, and easier to clean. There’s no commitment involved: if you decide you don’t like that colander after all, you can just stop using it! Be aware that many sinks are available with custom-fit  removable accessories; check before ordering to see what works with your sink and usage patterns.

Blanco Melamine Workstation
Watermark Elan Vital Sponge Holder
Oliveri Colander
Julien Smart Station Colander
Oliveri Cutting Board

If you do a lot of produce chopping and rinsing, consider an all-in-one station to fit atop the sink:

Franke Wood Cutting Board with Colander

This clever kit is designed to be a perfect cutting station; the cutting board features a cutout at one end for easy waste disposal:

Madeli Urban Cutting Board/Drying Board Set
Madeli Urban Cutting Board/Drying Board Kit

How do you cook and wash up? What are your must-have kitchen sink accessories?