10 Kitchen Design Ideas

If you’re looking to spruce up a kitchen without huge projects like replacing large appliances like the range, refrigerator or dishwasher, here are ten ways to get a nicer looking cooking space.

  1. Sinks: A new sink installation can make a kitchen shine. Find the sink you want, whether it’s ceramic/porcelain or traditional stainless steel kitchen sinks, and renovate your cleaning space.
  2. Faucets: If you’re not up to replacing the entire sink, try a stylish faucet fixture that will give a sink a new look. Check out these fashionable kitchen faucets installations to give your kitchen a classy appearance.
  3. Light fixtures: Hanging or wall-mounted light fixtures comes in a variety of styles, from traditional chandelier type fixtures to modern track lighting
  4. Soap dispensers and cleaning supply holders: Get new accessories like these in vibrant colors and give your kitchen a new look. These days, lots of buyers are choosing to add soap dispensers into the sink or counter fixture. Use models like these sink and counter integrated soap dispensers to get the look you want.
  5. Pot racks: You can find some great designs in metal or other materials to hold large kitchen tools while giving your room a distinctive appearance. Look for solutions like this Kalco pot rack with Satin Nickel Finish for holding all of your large pots and pans and providing a bright design in your cooking space.
  6. Spice racks: Keep your herbs and spices in order and contribute more to a kitchen work space design. These great kitchen installations help alleviate the clutter of a room without sufficient storage for small objects.
  7. Floor mats: Runners and colored mats can brighten your space and protect linoleum or other flooring from the wear and tear of daily cooking.
  8. Garbage disposals: Installing one of these handy tools in your kitchen will cut down on the disposal process for all compostable waste.
  9. Fans: Install a small venting or cooling system in your kitchen and get both style and comfort.
  10. Decorative gear: Wall hangings and other decorations give a kitchen its own unique flair. Anything from found objects to woven or ceramic wall décor build a more specialized ambiance in a kitchen.

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