How to Install Kitchen Sinks & Kitchen Faucets

They took everything, except the kitchen sinks. You’ve heard that many times before. But in reality, sometimes we wish someone would take this dingy old sink off your hands! If you are looking to install a kitchen sink, here is a step-by-step guide to help:

  1. Purchase Your Choice of Many Kitchen Sinks – If you are putting a sink into a new countertop, then you can purchase kitchen sinks of any size. However, if you are replacing a sink into an existing counter-top, you will need to purchase a sink that is the exact same size as your old one.
  2. Turn Off the Water – When replacing old kitchen sinks, be sure to turn off the water before removing the sink or any plumbing.
  3. Remove the Kitchen Fixtures – Take off the kitchen faucets and any fixtures. Then, unscrew the p-trap, and remove any plumbing. You want to make sure there is plenty of space beneath the sink to perform your work.
  4. Cut the Counter Top – For installing new kitchen sinks, you will need to cut a hole in the counter-top. A template will be included in the packaging of your new kitchen sink. Secure it to the counter-top, and then using a saw, follow the template and cut a hole.
  5. Putty the Hole – Using plumber’s putty, coat the edge of the hole, whether you cut it yourself or are installing into a pre-existing hole.
  6. Set the Kitchen Sink – Set the sink into the new hole. You may need to push the faucet and handles through the pre-cut holes in the sink. The sink should fit snugly.
  7. Caulk the Sink – Using a caulk gun, water-proof the edges of the sink where it meets the counter-top. Clamp the sink down, and wait an hour or so for it to dry.
  8. Replace any Kitchen Fixtures – Under the sink, replace the p-trap and other fixtures. Above the sink, re-tighten the faucet and handles.

Finally, turn back on the water and test your new kitchen sink! If you face any trouble, contact your local hardware store for specific instructions related to installing your kitchen sinks.

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