Hit It on the Head: Embellishing with Nailheads

Looking for the perfect way to add a bit of urban flair to your home? We have it! Nailheads can be used virtually anywhere in any home for an edgy vibe without going over the top. Studded trim is like jewelry for your home – it’s a seemingly small detail that provides just the right amount of metallic glint to spice up the room.

Nailhead edging is typically found on upholstered living and dining room furniture such as chairs, sofas and ottomans:

It’s also a common headboard embellishment:
But the application possibilities don’t end there. Nailheads now dress up furniture and fixtures not only in bedrooms and living rooms but in kitchens and bathrooms too, often in unusual patterns and designs:
Native Trails CPR832
Native Trails Coronado Range Hood
Cole & Co. 11.24.275543.33
Cole & Co. Designer Series Bellamy Vanity

And they can even be placed on walls, doors and ceilings for a more large-scale, dramatic effect:

So pull out your hammer and get decorating! How would you include nailheads in your home?