Cooking with Color: Monochromatic Kitchens

Two-tone kitchens may be popular for their visual interest; contrast is generally encouraged. But a monochromatic kitchen can be striking when done right – a tricky balance to get just right. Monochromatic kitchens are decorated primarily in one color, often with different shades, patterns, or textures.

While it’s hard (but not impossible) to find kitchens that are entirely one color, they do exist. Most of the kitchens that we’ve found have some variety in shades or are balanced with a small dose of neutral to break up the single hue (but are close enough to being monochrome for us to feature).

If you’re trying to go monochromatic in your kitchen, try cabinets in one color and a counter and/or backsplash in the same color family. Lighting, appliances, flooring and paint in the same shade are bonuses; you can even match the faucet (a white faucet for a white kitchen is easier to find than one would think) or sink, if you’re truly dedicated to that color.

Kitchen by Mark WIlliams Design Associates
Kitchen by Enclosures Architects
Kitchen by Designerpaint
Kitchen by Sam Sherman Associates, LLC
Kitchen by Denai Kulcsar Interiors
Kitchen by Design Line Construction, Inc.
Kitchen by Tomas Frenes Design Studio
Kitchen by Michael Bell Architects Pty Ltd
Kitchen by Rock Bottom Tile & Stone
Kitchen by Vertex Project Management
Kitchen by Polhemus Savery DaSilva
Dining Room by Lucy Interior Design
Kitchen by K.Marshall Design Inc.
Kitchen by Kleppinger Design
Kitchen by Studio Dionisi Incorporated
Kitchen by Christopher Simmonds Architect
Kitchen by mo+ architekten

What do you think of monochromatic kitchens? Too much of a good thing or perfectly uniform?