Beyond the Block: Cool Kitchen Knife Storage

Budding MasterChef, amateur cook, professional chef: whatever your level of kitchen expertise, you’re sure to have a knife or two in your kitchen. Sure, you can put them into a boring, standard knife block, but what’s the fun in that? (Plus, fitting knives into those individual slots… think about their need to be free and unrestrained!) With so many options for kitchen knife storage on the market, you’ll never be able to bring yourself to put those knives into a standard knife block.

Try a custom kitchen knife storage drawer or cabinet to keep your knives out of sight and easy access (perfect for those with small children – add a drawer lock and minimize the temptation):

Kitchen by KB Cabinets
Kitchen by Dura Supreme Cabinetry
Kitchen by Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B
Kitchen by Chelsea Evans Design

This clever pull-down design drops down from under your cabinet when you want it, displays knives cleanly, and folds back up when not in use:

Under Cabinet Knife Block

You can also build a kitchen knife storage slot right into your countertop:

Kitchen by DeVos Custom Woodworking
Kitchen by artdecor
Kitchen by Gepetto
Kitchen by Hendel Homes

A popular option for keeping your knives close at hand yet out of reach is a wall-mounted magnetic knife holder. They’re available in loads of shapes, sizes, and materials to complement any kitchen and meet any cook’s needs.

Wall-Mounted Magnetic Knife Disk
EVA Magneto Knife Holder


Magmates Magnetic Knife Rack
Kitchen by Increation

Limited space? The MagMates knife pods allow you to hang two knives in a small spot; if you need more, put up more pods!

Bisbell Magmates Knife Pod

Of course, you can go with the traditional knife block… with a twist.

The KnifeDock has powerful magnets hidden inside its bamboo surface. No slots = no limit to the types of knives it holds, no dulling of the blades, and no bacteria hiding in slots.

Bamboo Magnetic KnifeDock

This versatile block looks great and holds up to 15 knives of varying sizes. Its rubberized base keeps it from sliding around, horizontal slots prevent blade dulling, and it includes space for kitchen shears and sharpening tools.

Wusthof Knife Storage Block

This sleek magnetized “saddle” envelopes a wooden cutting board. Because, after all, you usually use the two together!

Supergrau Knife Block Saddle

Magnetized wooden columns with a sturdy slate base for stability? Yes, please.

Kai Stonehenge Magnetic Knife Block

Or stick those knives into a container full of bamboo skewers or polypropylene rods (washable to prevent bacteria build-up) for a slim, convenient option.

Bamboo Box Knife Holder
Bistro Knife Block by Bodum

Tell us how you store your kitchen knives!