What Would You Buy for You’re Home if You Were the Mega-Millions Winner?


We are all still in the holiday spirit so lets dream a little!

Quality Bath conducted a survey asking out customers what they would purchase if they won the Mega-Millions!

Here is what they chose:

Susan B.- Chicago, IL

Wesaunard Cirqo 2 Towel WarmerI’m from Chicago & it’s freezing here! I would LOVE a good, high quality towel warmer. I cant imagine anything better then stepping out of the shower into a warm, toasty towel! I tried for Christmas but my “wish” was not fulfilled. Maybe I’ll win the Mega-Millions- I try for it all the time!

Barbara Stratford- San Francisco, CA

Aquarius Oceania Elegance Collection Aquarius Super Hydro We were by our friends for New Years and they just purchased the Aquarius Super Hydro. I must admit I am green with envy! Besides being absolutely gorgeous (it reminds me of a sea shell & I love the beach!) it feels heavenly!!! I had a good long soak and felt so invigorated and ready to start the new year. Truly amazing!

George- DeKalb, TX

aquarius Oceania Elegance Collection Aquarius Super HydroMy wife’s been driving me up the wall for a gourmet kitchen work station. She is an awesome cook but any decent one I found is way, way out of my budget. So, I guess that would be one of the things I would get if I won the Mega-Millions. I have a very long list. First comes my Kawasaki Brute Force 750

Darlene Roberts- Minneapolis, MN

Hastings Spoleto Marble Console I just adore the Hastings Spoleto console. We actually gave it to our daughter as a gift last year for her new home and now I am dying for it for my home. It is so incredibly beautiful! My daughter and her husband say they get so many compliments on it. I also want the Julien Soaking Tub. It’s so different and modern looking.

Jeffrey Soko- Toronto, ON

Pearl Designer Series Eterne Combined True Whirlpool and Air I want to get my wife the Pearl Eterne Combined True whirlpool and air tub. She really deserves it so if I win the MM (trust me I’m trying) That will be my first big purchase for our home (we may have to buy a new home first to fit it in:)).

Tom T.- Monticello, NY

Saniflo Sanicompact 48 One peice Toilet with Macerating built into base Right now what we need most is a Saniflo toilet. Major issues with our plumbing-gotta fix and don’t want construction and ruckus. I read like all the reviews possible and it seems like an incredible invention. everyone says it’s a lifesaver!

Leor Kalen- Manasquan, NJ

MTI Jentle Ped With Cleaning System I always wanted my own pedicure sink. I know it’s not likely that I’ll ever get it, but hey I can dream (we are still in the spirit- right???). Even if I got it I don’t know how I would give myself pedicures but me and my girlfriends can give each other. It would be so much fun! This years wish is to win the mega millions- then I’ll decide what I want first!

Kara Klein- Deal, NJ

Vanico Maronyx Victorian Dressing Table VictorianThat’s a great question but I don’t know where to begin. The list goes on and on. The top of my list is for sure the Vanico Maronyx Victorian Dressing Table. I also really want new vanities for all my bathrooms. I keep seeing so many beautiful styles available I really think I’m going to get started on that this year. I’ve also been dreaming recently about a stone soaking tub. I had one in my bathroom at a hotel in Italy this summer and it was so soothing- like an experience out of heaven!

What would you choose if you were the Mega Millions winner? Reach for the stars! It’s always fun to dream- you just never know who may be listening!


7 thoughts on “What Would You Buy for You’re Home if You Were the Mega-Millions Winner?”

  1. It’s so nice to know that there are still husbands out there that want things just to make their wives happy!!!!!
    Do you maybe have a Bro??

  2. I have soooooooooooooo many things i would get if I won the Mega millions! But i assume you are asking about house things so probably the top of my list from QB would be the sunless tanning shower. I always wanted that!

  3. I would love new bathroom vanities for all my bathrooms. Quality Bath has the most extensive, diverse collection I have so far ever seen. I got 2 vanities for my guest rooms and we get so many compliments on them!

  4. The list is waaaay to long to list here. But I always especially wanted the KMC workstation (pictured above)

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