In Honor of Veterans Day: The Bottle Breacher

Since its establishment in the early 1900s, we’ve celebrated Veterans Day to honor and salute the brave men and women who serve our country. If you’d like to honor the veteran in your life – or any military veteran – we have the perfect gift for you: the innovative Bottle Breacher beer opener.

It’s is the ultimate military gift: the company was founded by a former Navy SEAL and his wife; the product is made by veterans; and the openers themselves are made out of “dummy” 50 caliber ammunition!

Every Breacher is completely safe, powder-coated for a long-lasting finish, polished, and precisely laser-engraved.

Founder and former SEAL Eli and his wife Jen launched Bottle Breachers on a life-changing episode of Shark Tank. Today the pair produces and sells dozens of unique gift items made out of bullets, in addition to the classic Breacher:

Bottle Breacher Beer Opener

The openers may be customized with engraving and/or a wooden gift box. You can also choose specially-designed Bottle Breachers with American flags, deer, skulls, badges, the Constitution, specific messages, and other images and text to suit every patriot’s taste on every occasion.

American Flag Bottle Breacher
Valentine’s Day Bottle Breacher
20mm Bottle Breacher

The classic Breacher is also available in several different finishes, including brass, vintage, turquoise, and pearl, and sizes, including the classic .50 caliber, a 7.62mm keychain, a large 20 mm, and an oversized 30mm.

Camo Bottle Breacher
Bottle Breachers for Her
7.62mm Bullet Key Chain
30mm Mother of All Bottle Breachers

But Breachers are not limited to beer opening! There’s also a wine Breacher for the rugged drinker with finer taste:

Wine Bottle Breacher

Breacher barbecue tools:

BBQ Breacher Tools

Whiskey bullets for cooling your drink (plus an optional revolver cylinder holder):

Bottle Breacher Whiskey Bullets

A mountable holster to keep your Breacher close at hand:

Bottle Breacher Holster

A totally rugged Bluetooth speaker made of a recycled Ammo Can:

The AmmoCan X

And all sorts of other awesomeness like coasters, cigar bores, bottle cozies, bumper stickers, and wrist bands, plus a full line of Breacher apparel, including caps and sloganed t-shirts.

Bottle Breacher Bumper Sticker
Bottle Breacher Dads Against Boyfriends T-Shirt

Taking it a step further is Bottle Breacher’s Never Forgotten collection, honoring five fallen soldiers – Chris Kyle, Marc Lee, Patrick Feeks, Danny Dietz, and Troy Gilbert – and donating proceeds to charities supported by these soldiers’ families.

CPO Chris Kyle Bottle Breacher with Gift Box

The company is veteran-owned and -operated with a 25% veteran hire rate; they regularly contribute to military and veteran causes and support several relevant funds.

What better way to honor the veteran or active-duty soldier in your life?

Find the perfect Bottle Breacher for that special person!