Get Your Man Cave Ready for the Super Bowl Party

With less than two weeks to go until the big game, football fans around the country are gearing up for Super Bowl XLIX. Because it may be the only party planned primarily by men, the Super Bowl party is generally not too high on party planners’ boast sheets; it usually consists of a few bowls of chips, some six-packs, and a lot of yelling. Perhaps there’s a half-hearted attempt at football-themed decor.

We’re here to change that! Throw an awesome Super Bowl party without too much prep or fussiness to take away from the game. We’ll show you how.

First, polish up the man cave:

(Don’t neglect the bathroom.)

No spare room (or spare cash) for a great man cave like these? Try sprucing yours up with some funny wall hangings – even if they’re just for game day.

Next, plan the food. Stick with simple game-friendly finger food; now’s not the time to fuss over pretty hors d’oeuvres and complicated themed desserts. Load up on chips, pop in some pigs in blankets, make a killer dip or nacho bar, and stock the fridge with drinks and you’re set!

Layered Jell-O Shots – customize with your team’s colors! (click for recipe)
Snack bar
Potato skins with sour cream details (click for recipe)
Pigs in a Blanket
Pigs in a blanket (click for recipe)
Quarter Pups
Football player hot dogs (click for recipe)
Chip-n-dip station
Pizza Dip
Pizza dip (click for recipe)
Don’t forget the bottle opener!
Beer tasting table
super bowl party food ideas | 15 Super Bowl Party Ideas (food, games, drinks, decorations) - Utah ...
Single-serve chip with dip

Finally, add a bit of “festive” decor to finish the effect:

ohhh these will be cute for gameday forks/spoons...i'll make them redblack


Sick Superbowl party setup... most interested in the turf looking design under the plates - need to figure out how that's done.

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