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***no purchase necessary***

Saniflo Sanialarm

You don’t even have to make a purchase to enter the raffle for a free SANIALARM!!!

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You will automatically be entered into a raffle for a SANIALARM which will be drawn monthly.

What is a SANIALARM? Is it really necessary?

-The SANIALARM is an Alarm for the SANIFLO macerators and sanivite.

-The occasional interruptions of electricity or the scaling of badly maintained units generate an increase in the level of the water contained permanently in the tank of the SANIFLO macerators and pumps. SANIALARM comes to add a touch of reliability to macerators and pumps.

The SANIALARM has a level pressure switch that triggers an alarm fixed on the top of the unit if the volume of water exceeds the maximum allowed level.

The alarm emits a continuous 80 dB warning sound until it is switched off or the problem is rectified.

Use a SANIALARM to avoid possible disasters!!!

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Its that simple!