An Inside Look at the Home of Elizabeth Edwards

We are all deeply saddened by the tragic death of Elizabeth Edwards. Although Elizabeth became most famous through her life’s struggles she lived a full life and was an icon for many men and women across America.

Here are some pictures of Elizabeth’s 28,000 square foot home photographed last year at an interview with Opera. Elizabeth found the 100 acre property on the internet in 2003 and knew immediately that this was where she would build her dream home.

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Elizabeth Edwards Home

This is the home that Elizabeth Edwards lived in, with her family, since 2006. The home is 28,000 square feet and sit on a 100 acre property bordered by pine trees. The home is located near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Elizabeth Edwards Family Room

Above is a view of the comfortable family room with a background view of the beautiful country kitchen.

Elizabeth Edwards Dining Room

The dining room is decorated in warm gold’s and red’s with the perfect amount of seating for the Edwards family.

Elizabeth Edwards Playroom

One of Elizabeth’s passions was children books, which you can see fill their playroom.

Elizabeth Edwards Homework Station

This is where the children do their homework.

Elizabeth Edwards Wrapping Room

The wrapping room.

Elizabeth Edwards Front Porch

A view of the expansive property from the front porch.

Our condolences to the entire Edwards family!


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  1. Elizabeth was a powerhouse! Her choice of coloring in her home truly reflects her inner personality!

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