How to Install a Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing evening in the privacy of your own jacuzzi. Those pulsing jets and bubbling hot water seem to wash away the stresses of the day. And think of the romance you can create with an intimate evening with your loved one, basking in the warm water surrounded by candle light. To experience this luxury, you’ll first have to know how to install a jacuzzi. Here you will find a basic overview of the process, but depending on the unit you purchase, the installation may have to be customized or performed by a contractor:

  1. Be sure the ground is level: Use a “level” purchased at any hardware store, and determine the most even and level area to install your spa. You may need to contact a contractor to level the area if it is on a slope.
  2. Be sure the ground is stable: Even when empty, a spa is heavy. Then fill it with water and a few friends, and you’re looking at nearly 200 pounds per square foot! Suffice it to say, you need to have a solid, stable base for your jacuzzi.
  3. Framing: Some jacuzzi units come pre-framed. If not, then you will need to hire a carpenter to develop a custom frame, or purchase one that will fit your unit. Remember that the frames should have an access panel so you can reach the motor and pump for maintenance.
  4. Set the Jacuzzi: Place the unit into the frame. Then, using your level, see check all four sides to be sure that it is exactly level with the ground. If not, you will need to use wood shims to adjust the balance. Then, secure the jacuzzi to the frame using the hardware provided.
  5. Connect the power: The unit will come with detailed directions on how to connect it to your electricity. However, if you are inexperienced with electricity, it is best to have a licensed electrician handle this step for you. If the electricity is wired improperly, it could result in injury or death.
  6. Caulk the seams: Check for seams around the jacuzzi and frame. Caulk them with water-proof caulk, to prevent damage to the frame or flooring.
  7. Test the spa: Fill it with water and test the jets. If all is well, hop in and enjoy your newfound relaxation!

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