Shopping for a Bathroom Mirror


Shopping for a bathroom mirror may sound like a simple mission but it’s more complicated than it seems. There are many factors to take into account such as size, style and price. You want the mirror to blend harmoniously into your décor as well as look beautiful. So, take the time to browse around and think of what suits your bathroom and personal taste best.

Afina Radiance Oval Frameless Wall MirrorThere are thousands of different mirrors out there and there will be one that’s perfect for you, just be patient. One of the more popular styles these days is frameless mirrors. You can find this in medicine cabinets, from companies like Robern, as well as in regular wall mirrors. These mirrors often have a gilded edge and usually go well with modern or contemporary bathroom styles.  Venetian style frameless mirrors are far from modern though. They look beautiful in elegant powder rooms and bathrooms.

A traditional framed mirror has a host of options for any style. A thinner frame is typically more contemporary while a thicker heavier frame is more traditional but that rule is not set in stone. You can even buy a frameless mirror and have it framed to match your bathroom décor.

Thompson Traders Mirror I Rectangle Mirror

Whether framed or frameless you have to concentrate on getting a mirror that is the perfect size for your space. An oversized mirror is overwhelming but something to small just looks odd. A good rule to follow is to keep the mirror about the same size as your vanity. This will keep your bathroom looking proportioned. If you have a smaller bathroom a good storage solution is a mirrored medicine cabinet. They are available in every style, size and budget just like regular bathroom mirrors.

Kueco Lighted Mirror

Good lighting above the mirror is important for makeup application and shaving. Some companies, such as Keuco, integrate the lighting into the mirror design which is really sharp. If the lighting is not in the mirror make sure to leave save for a fixture above or on the sides of the mirror.

Check out plenty of bathroom mirror options and have fun!


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  1. Mirrors are an essential part of the bathroom, come in a wide range of style, sizes, shapes and functionalities. They are helpful to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

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