10 Signs Your Home is Happy

Our mission here at Quality Bath is simple: we want to help you Make Your Home Happy. When your home is happy, you and your family will be happy every time you enter it, and that happiness will spill over to every facet of your lives. By providing our customers with high-quality, high-style home furnishings at excellent prices, we aim to make our clients, their homes, and their wallets as happy as possible.


Of course, happiness doesn’t come from the material things alone. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten signs that your home is a happy one; if any of them doesn’t apply to your home, make it apply to your home – and then enjoy that happier home.

It’s clean.

Not just neat – but actually clean. Clean enough that if guests drop by unannounced you don’t have to make up excuses. The bare minimum of cleanliness should include swept floors, empty sinks, and wiped-down counters and tables at the end of every day.

When you can put things down on the table without worrying about sticky residue or walk across the floor barefoot without turning your feet gray, your home is happy (and so are you).

It’s lived in.

Now, that does not mean messy or dirty. (Sorry.) Rooms that look picture-perfect belong in magazines, not actual homes where people live. Display family photos and kids’ artwork, keep books and magazines on hand, and that throw on the couch is designed to be thrown – not precisely folded.

Don’t be afraid to live in your home – that would make it sad.

Marrakesh by Design by Maryam Montague
It’s uncluttered.

Have what you need and need what you have. There’s a strong link between clutter and depression (which came first? hard to say). Toss unnecessary junk and designate places for everything else – then make sure that everything stays where it belongs.

A place for everything and everything in its place – your home will thank you (and your mom, for telling you that even though she knew you’d roll your eyes).

It’s personal.

Your home is happiest when it’s unique. Put your personal touches everywhere, even if you’re renting, and be sure that it reflects you, your history, your passion – family photos, sentimental items, meaningful artwork, your favorite colors.

Credit: Laura Garner

It’s light.

Depression is described by sufferers as a dark place. It’s logical, then, to assume that a dark home is not conducive to happy thoughts. If your home lacks natural light, be sure to install ample fixtures and lamps to keep it bright and cheery.

Dining Room by Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

It’s calm.

Keep the color palette soothing and the overall atmosphere one of tranquility. Of course, real life carries stresses and rushes and temper tantrums (not always by kids), but the calm should outweigh the harried moments.

Bathroom by Gabriel Holland Interior Design

It’s cool…

Literally. Studies recommend setting the thermostat in the mid-60s to improve concentration, increase energy levels, and even burn more calories. In every season, be sure to keep the air circulating with a freestanding or ceiling fan to prevent your home from getting stale.

…and it’s warm.

Figuratively. Though it should be calm, as noted above, make sure to balance the spa/Zen feel with a healthy dose of vibrant cheer – a dash of yellow, a colorful pillow, a funky accent. Open your home to friends and family (back to sign #2 – live in that house!) and be sure to give it a warm and welcoming vibe.

Kitchen by Locati Architects

It’s green.

Houseplants prove that your home is alive, thriving, and capable of supporting healthy life. (Not the dead plants, obviously.) You don’t need to be the crazy plant lady – just a couple of small window pots with herbs or even simple grass will do the trick. They’ll give you a sense of purpose, responsibility, and satisfaction, and they’ll also improve your air quality.

And it’s green.

Aim for a home that’s sustainable and responsible. It doesn’t have to be made out of repurposed junk or cardboard that would otherwise be cluttering the landfills (“and it’s almost as well-insulated as other materials!”), but aim to recycle your recyclables, conserve energy (turn off the lights when they’re not in use – not just for the electric bill, but for the environment), and take every step that you reasonably can to lessen your impact on the globe.


Now, cue up Pharrell Williams’ Happy and go enjoy your happy home!