Blissfully Beautiful Hand Painted Bathroom Vanities

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Modern style is the height of design these days but every once in a while I’ll see something from the “olden days” that makes me sigh with nostalgia. These “blissfully beautiful” hand painted vanities did just that! they are so intricately detailed and ornate they just take my breath away!

Hand painted bathroom vanities:

Cole & Co. Cole Designer Series Chinoiserie Travel Chest Bathroom Vanity

The Series Chinoiserie Travel Chest Bathroom Vanity designed by Cole & Co. is my favorite. It’s so rich and detailed it easily becomes the centerpiece of any powder  room.

Empire Versaille 36 Inch Hand Painted Half Moon Vanity

In second place on my “wish list” is this Versaille Hand Painted, Half Moon Vanity by the company Empire. The smooth curves and antiquated finish evoke old world charm and class.

Indocraft 30 Inch Width Tuscany Vanity

The petite Tuscany vanity by Indocraft Vanities is just 30 inches wide yet still stunningly detailed. This makes it the perfect way to add beautiful decor to a tight fitting bathroom.

Empire The Rialto Collection 30 Bathroom Vanity Hand Painted,Distressed Wood Vanity

You can achieve the antique look without sacrificing modern functionality and quality with the Rialto Collection vanity.  Hand painted, with a  distressed wood finish this bathroom vanity defines old world.

Empire The Flora 200 Collection Bathroom Vanity Hand Painted Wood Vanity

The Flora 200 Collection hand painted bathroom vanity almost looks like a painting I would want hanging on my wall. look closely at the beautiful colors and blends, it’s just magnificent!

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