Fabulous Fish Tanks

My family is desperate for a puppy. However, as the voice of reason in our small apartment (and the one who will ultimately be responsible for the poor creature), I have nixed that idea in favor of a pretty little blue betta fish named Rock (my 3-year-old gets all the credit for that one).

Blue betta shutterstock_27923875

What I really dream of one day (it’s made it to my “lottery list”) is a gorgeous, full-wall fish tank with exotic fish, complete with an aquarium maintenance guy to take care of it (no more changing the water for me!). I just love the way they transform the look of any room. Check these out!

I’d love a tank in my bedroom or the kids’ rooms. So relaxing.


I especially love the ones designed to look like artwork.
If you don’t want a built-in, you can go with a fish tank coffee table!
elite-black-fish-tank-coffee-table small-coffee-table-fish-tank
Tanks are becoming increasingly popular in food-centric areas, including kitchens, wine cellars, dining rooms, and bars.
This one in particular is my all-time favorite:
The shape and mounting of it is just incredible!
A fish tank can be amazingly soothing in a bathroom:
And what could be better than swimming with the fishes? (Literally, not in the creepy-mobster sense.)
So now my little betta fish is looking pretty puny. Anyone want to give me the winning lotto numbers for this week?!